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Inspirit Album: Photo Card messages & Infinite's Brain Map

Inspirit Album: Photo Card - Sungyeol

I, Sungyeol, will only say one thing. Everyone, I love you~ ♥

Inspirit Album: Photo Card - Woohyun

Because of you all who are my strong support, I am able to sweat. We’re always one forever. ⌈Inspirit⌋!

Inspirit Album: Photo Card - Sungjong

When I’m in times of difficulty and tiring, Inspirits were always beside me! I will repay you all in a more awesome self!! Love love my love~ >w<!

Inspirit Album: Photo Card - Dongwoo

There are always Inspirits next to Infinite! ^^* Let’s run infinitely together!

Inspirit Album: Photo Card - Sunggyu

To all the people that love our music~!! It’s all thanks to you guys that we, Infinite, are able to smile while singing. We always thank you and we will repay you with better music!! I love you~

Infinite Sunggyu!

Inspirit Album: Photo Card - L

I’ll say one thing to all the people that watch over us and cheer us on! I love you~ ^^

Inspirit Album: Photo Card - Hoya

Let’s be together till the day we become the world’s best!

INFINITE's Brain Map (click to enlarge)

Schedule for 11.03.28~11.04.03 (As of Now)

2011.03.29 - [BROADCAST] SBS Strong Heart 11:15 PM (Sungjong)

[RECORDING] KBS2 Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook (Hoya)

[RECORDING] KBS1 Open Concert (Hoya)

[BROADCAST] KBS2 TV 1 vs. 100 08:55 PM (Sunggyu, Woohyun, L)

2011.03.30 - [RECORDING] KBS Gag Concert (Infinite)

2011.04.01 - [RADIOS] KBS Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio 10:00 PM (Infinite)


Source: hyejin, jiwon @ infinite updates (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) ; take out with full credits ♥

Mods, i've fixed the pics. Sorry it won't happen again, i promise.)

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