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Perfectly Synchronized Oppars Practice video made news!

The 7 membered idol group, Infinite, revealed a choreography video, wearing every day clothes. This is bringing out explosive reactions from fans.

Infinite’s video, which was revealed on the 29th on Youtube, Mgoon, and other online video sites, is garnering netizens’ interest as it is the full choreography version of their recent song, ‘Nothing’s Over’.

In this video, Infinite is doing choreography practice for ‘Nothing’s Over’, being completely bare-faced with none of their performance make up on. Although the 7 members are wearing every day clothes, they are attracting more attention by showing a fashion sense with their own personality and style and a superior look with every day clothing.

Infinite, who is recently showing a sweet side of them as romantic-dols, is being a hot topic with their ‘whining dance’, ‘seal dance’, and the ‘backside dance’.

Along with the release of their album, the video recorded for their comeback was leaked causing another leakage happening after their music leaking. Infinite showed that they are the only ones for perfectly synchronized group choreography through the revealing of this choreography video. As Infinite’s bare faces were revealed in this choreography video, it caused high interest and clicks from netizens. Due to the sudden flow from those accessing, the server went down.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; take out with FULL credits ♥

Source: infiniteupdates mydaily

i forgot to add the link to the video, sorry for the repost mods.
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