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Press release from Dreamcatcher about the cancellation of JYJ's concert in Indonesia.

Jakarta, 29 March 2011

To answer the statement from CJES Entertainment which was posted on their website (28 March 2011) about the JYJ Indonesia Concert (SICC/ 09 April 2011), with a heavy heart, we as the promoter would like to announce that the JYJ World Tour Concert in Indonesia has been cancelled by CJES Entertainment.

As a promoter, we have tried to give our best for the preparation in one month. We have worked hard to fulfill all that is needed for this concert, one of it is giving the best and most exclusive venue in SICC but during the preparations towards the concert day, CJES Entertainment decided to cancel the concert due to the production requirements they demand is not possible to fit in the venue. The additional production costs that was suddenly given to us is too high and also those additional requests are not inside our signed contract. In that situation, promoter have the rights to decline their requests.

Besides the production problems, this concert can be done without any problems if only CJES Entertainment would have wanted to kindly negotiate with us and not forcing one side to oblige their impossible requirements.

With a humble, we would like to apologize to all JYJ Fans in Indonesia who have waited long enough for this concert, and the fact that until present, we have not reach a good decision regarding the additional production. Considering the short length of time, we have agreed to CJES Entertainment's decision whom have announce it first in their website about the cancellation of JYJ World Tour Concert in Indonesia.

For all the fans who have purchased the tickets and paid, 100% refunds will be announce when, where and how on Thursday, 31st March 2011.


Tita Ardiati
President Director
DreamCatcher Indonesia

Source: DCI's official website
Tags: jyj, overseas activities

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