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Amazing article with the B2st Fucking Six

The Beasts That Overcomes Failure and Improves Strongly

The phrase “So Beast!” is commonly used between the young Americans to describe an awesome and cool person. For the group of 6 males, the name BEAST stuck with them because they had the strong determination that they will show off their best on the big stage. Almost as if their name proved it, their stages were powerful and even extravagant. Their stages even had the abilities to convince anyone to say ‘So Beast’ by just looking at the stage. Doojoon, one of the members from BEAST, stated with a smile on his face, “Since it hasn’t been long since we debuted, there are many things we still haven’t showed off. We will work hard to be artists that works hard to show the people of Japan a better performance and stage.”

Behind the achievements are their continuous failures… And that is the reason why they can shine even brighter.
The dreams they lost in front of their eyes… the days they spent in depression. However, these were just an introduction in their journey for even more fame. During debut, a bit of the member’s pasts were introduced. Doojoon, who was eliminated from M-net’s reality program ‘Hot Blood’, the other members from that show are currently promoting as 2AM and 2PM. Hyunseung, who was eliminated from the final audition for Big Bang. Kikwang, who debuted as a solo artist under the name AJ. Yoseob, Junhyung, and Dongwoon had contributed 4 to 5 years of trainee times, hoping to become a star someday. Despite the fact that they were in the position to be called failures in the past, but now, they hold on strong foundation making up the K-POP industry. It can be clearly seen that the failures and pain had made each of the members stronger inside. Much like how the arrow will not go further if it isn’t stretched back as far as possible, this group was able to improve even more through regrets. This is what made up BEAST.

The K-POP industry can now be easily referred to a generation of idol groups. Due to this effect, many idols are continually fighting with the fear that they might not be able to be at that spot the next morning. For the idol group to appeal to the younger teens with a weak heart and sensitive mind in Korea’s society with harsher standards of life than Japan, everyday is a war. However, BEAST had endured though these nervousness and anxiety. Looking into their dance, the BEAST’s story arises. Almost as if each of the members are expressing their own story, the body movements display the stories of sad, hard, and happy times along with their pride that never gave up hope. And of course not everything is about the dancing. Their sound is just as important as well. The Japanese debut single ‘Shock’ with the Japanese version of ‘Shock’ and their DVD ‘Shock- The Clips’ placed first and second place according to the sales chart on January 25th. Wiping the charts with their CD and DVD, the popular continues to heighten even before debut. If last year represented how much K-POP played a role in the Japanese market, the market will improve even more with this year with BEAST leading the movement. Out of many of the idol groups, BEAST has their own special feature that separates them from the others. At this time, with the Korean idol groups are taking over Japan, we hope that BEAST will be able to show off their charms as much as possible. The image of them running powerfully will not only show the fans, but also the other idols that will follow up after them.

Before their debut in Japan, what is each of the members thinking of?
Despite the separate struggles faced by each member, BEAST was able to stand up from it and successfully complete debut.
In under a year of their debut, they were able to rise as top stars in Korean and land on Japan following their trail of success.
We were able to take a close look into the members.

- Your official debut in Japan will be in March. How do you feel about it right now?
(Doojoon) Since this is our first debut in a foreign country we are kind of overwhelmed, but we are honestly thankful that the fans look at us with a warm attention. We will try out best to answer back to the anticipation.
(Yoseob) It feels like yesterday that we debuted in Korea, but already a year passed. All I can say is that it all just “feels like a dream.” I want to try hard in not only Japanese activities, but also activities and promotions in Korea. I know that it will be hard, but there is nothing more I can do other than working hard.
(Junhyung) If the Japanese people didn’t give us this much attention, it would have been hard, but thankfully a lot of the people are showing attention and I’m thankful for that. Just like our Korean promotions, we will put the same amount of effort for Japanese promotions.
(Kikwang) I am already thankful that we are a group loved by the people of Japan. I will work hard to work harder to meet everyone’s expectations.
(Dongwoon) Because of the interest from the Japanese people, I was really happy to do a showcase in Japan with 10,000 fans. We will work harder to show off our charms, so we ask for a lot of attention starting now!

- Share your thoughts about placing 6th in the daily charts with the first album release in the November of last year.
(Yoseob) When I first saw a fan write ‘BEAST is 6th place on the Oricon charts’ on our fan café, I just couldn’t believe it at first. When I actually checked and saw that we were actually on 6th place, I was really shocked. All the members were surprised as well, but we were happy that the fans really enjoyed it.

- You guys held a showcase in Japan before debut in the November of last year. Did you guys have any idea that so much people were going to be there?
(Doojoon) We had no idea. On that day, we had this strange feeling from listening to the loud screams from the people. We didn’t even make an official debut and we didn’t even release an official album in Japanese, but why?... I have to share a word of gratitude.
(Dongwoon) I heard from other people that we had a lot of fans in Japan, but I just thought that people were just telling me that as lip service. But when I actually saw all of the fans rushing in our direction, my eyes started to fog up. And I also got the motivation to show our performance with even more confidence.

- Your first impression when your guys visited Japan together for the first time last November?
(Yoseob) Honestly, we didn’t have big expectations. We were thinking that we weren’t going to be known well because we haven’t debuted yet. But when I saw that a lot of people realized who we were, I was really happy. We traveled from the airport to the Tokyo Big Sight by helicopter and when we saw that the fans made the B2ST letter formation, we were surprised, but really touched.

- We heard that the Japanese fans sang along to the songs in Korea.
(Yoseob) We had no idea. Depending on the song, we have different fan cheers, but we were really surprised to see them sing along with us for all the songs. That was one of the moments I realized that we were receiving love from the Japanese fans.

- We also heard that you guys did a lot of unit promotions in Korea. How is that different from the group promotions?
(Doojoon) When we are doing the unit promotions, most of the times it feels empty and it’s harder on us. Also, the rate when we get tired is different too because the workload is more on each member. We basically become dead grass.
(Kikwang) I also get tired too. Once you are alone, the level of tiredness closes in much faster.

- There is word that there had been an enormous amount of effort in order to make the debut in Japan successful. Is there a special reason?
(Yoseob) The showcase case stage in Japan was hard because it was a circular stage. Because of this, we had to change our movements and line positions. Even though it was just a show, we considered it like a concert and prepared it in that way as well.

- Doojoon, currently there are positive comments about you in the sitcom. What are you realizing from acting as a singer?
(Doojoon) Since I didn’t experience any official acting, I am not exactly sure, but acting is really fun. Even though your schedule is packed every day, it is really an opportunity to have a chance in building up more experience and I think it will be beneficial for me in the future as well.

- Kikwang, you are acting through the drama ‘My Princess’ as well. Tell us about your endeavors in acting.
(Kikwang) When I was filming ‘High Kick Through the Roof’ I was really nervous because I wasn’t used to it. Because of that I showed the inexperienced sides of me. Even though I had a small role in this drama, I think my attitude towards acting is changed. I am trying to enjoy acting as much as possible.

- We heard that you will be appearing with Kim Taehee in the drama.
(Kikwang) We already became that brother and sister relationship. It feels are we are so close every single episode. Even though she still doesn’t use the casual way of talking with me, I feel that the day she will is coming close (laughs).

- Did you guys study Japanese?
(Yoseob) I can’t really speak it well as of now. I have learning intensely, but studying a foreign language is really hard. I can’t memorize it, I can’t hear it, and I can’t talk about it… But mastering Japanese is one of the goals I have to fulfill. I really want to have a smooth communication with the fans. When Japanese fans visit our office in Korea, I would feel really bad if I can’t even speak Japanese. And I would have to say that Dongwoon is the best in Japanese out of all the members.
(Dongwoon) I think that I have a fast absorption skill as well. But still, my Japanese abilities are still very low.

- What is a trait a member has in particular? Please tell us about your style and a reason behind your popularity.
(Dongwoon) An attractive voice and a handsome face?
(Yoseob) My tiny body (laughs). I’m short and my face is small and I think people consider it cute.
(Doojoon) Wouldn’t it be my manliness?
(Junhyung) I’m not sure.
(Kikwang) I hear that my smile is nice.

- You guys are all pretty young right now, but what kind of singers do you guys think you will be in 10 years?
(Doojoon) 10 years later, we still want to promote as BEAST together. We are really sure about this. It might sound like a joke because it’s only been a year since debut, but that is our goal.

- What message do you want to tell the Japanese fans?
(Doojoon) We want to remain as an attractive group. Like our name BEAST, we want to give everyone a positive attitude towards us. And not only that, I want our group to give out positive messages as well.
(Dongwoon) Even though this might not be told well in words, I wish that we would all be connected to the point where if we sing a happy song, the crowd is happy and when we sing a sad song, the crowd becomes sad as well. If our music becomes a part of the lifestyle for the Japanese people, it would be the best.

- You guys are the cover artists for the GAON K-POP HIT CHART MAGAZINE!
(Doojoon) It is such an honor. We are thankful that you guys choose us even though we are not really magazine cover material. We hope that the magazines with us on the cover will sell a little bit more.

- Is there something you hope will happen?
(Dongwoon) I want to write a song and put it on BEAST’s album. I want to continue this until other artists sing my song.
(Doojoon) I hope that BEAST improves even more. If we grow as a group, we would have matured as individuals as well.
(Yoseob) I wish that everyone is healthy this year. I have lived with all types of illnesses in my life, so I want to spend 2011 with a healthy body. Everyone watch out for your health as well.
(Junhyung) This might be really general, but I want to see improvement. Not just musically, but I wish that I would improve in all aspects.
(Kikwang) I want to keep a promise with myself. I always end up not keeping promises with myself because my motivation is lost most of the times. For this year at least, I want to keep a promise with myself.

source: PlayB2st, B2STRISING
translation: yongism@B2STRISING
Tags: highlight, interview

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