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Kim Tae Woo talks about possible g.o.d. comeback

g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo recently opened up a discussion about future plans for the group’s reunion.

On March 29th, this singer made a guest appearance on “Strong Heart” and was asked the question, “Don’t you miss the days back when you were a part of G.O.D?”. In response, Kim Tae Wooanswered, “Sometimes I do call the members and say, ‘We should reunite one day,’ but I don’t think now is the time.

The singer added, “When we become stable with our individual activities, I think that the five of us will gather together.” Afterwards, Kim Tae Woo sang g.o.d’s ‘Friday Night’ from their second album, which ushered in a mood of reminiscing from the older cast and awe from the younger.

Source: Newsen
cr: akp

i want this back sfb, i'll wait 10 years if that means having them back together just once, OT5.
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