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ZE:A's Junyoung slips in bathroom, breaks face.

ZE:A’s leader, Moon Junyoung, has suffered an orbital fracture after slipping in his bathroom.

According to representatives, Junyoung slipped on the floor of his bathroom after a shower on March 29th, causing a fracture to the bone around his eye as he fell. He was rushed to a hospital in Shinchon and received immediate treatment.

They revealed, “There was water on the floor when he stepped out, causing him to slip and hit his face on the sink and then the toilet. He’s suffered an orbital fracture, but examination results say that it’s not possible for him to go into surgery yet because his face is severely swollen. The hospital told him to come back for surgery after the swelling has gone down, so he has been discharged for now. ”

Considering how fellow member Kwanghee is also recovering from an ankle injury, ZE:A fans have been expressing their concerns over the group’s health.

For the time being, ZE:A will promote with eight members.

Sources:Sports Soul via. Nate+Allkpop

A bunch of accident prone klutz' tbh. well get well soon...
cover up, excuse for surgery, etc. etc.
Tags: accident, ze:a

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