12:14 am - 03/30/2011

Yunho and IU to Possibly Become Ice Skaters!

Singer IU and TVXQ’s Yunho have begun preparations for their appearance in “Kiss & Cry“!

According to industry representatives, IU and Yunho have both confirmed their appearances for unique figure-skating program, which is similar in concept to Mnet’s “Ice Princess“. Both shows cast stars for an intensive figure-skating training program, which is overseen by a professional figure skater.

In preparation for their upcoming film schedule, the two have been training intensively. One representative revealed, “You don’t just wake up one day and become a figure skater, so they’re starting their training early while they still can.”

“Kiss & Cry” producers, however, are sparing their words, and recently stated, “There is nothing confirmed yet.”

The program itself will be led with the help of Olympic gold medalist, Kim Yuna. Other celebrities expected to appear include Kim Byung Man. His representatives commented, “We did receive an appearance request, but because the broadcast date is unconfirmed, we have yet to make a final decision.”

Source: AKP and Nate

thier_sess 30th-Mar-2011 09:22 pm (UTC)
Copying my musings from tumlbr.

I’m sure Yunho’d be great but that’s the thing actually. I just know that if he took part in such a show, he’d give his best (and more). He himself said before that he’s aware that sometimes he takes things too far and pushes himself too hard but that it’s a part of him and he won’t change it. While I’d love to see diva!Yunho in some lulzy skimpy outfits, sliding with that grace of his on the ice rink, I think he already has enough on his hands right now. Poseidon (Idk if they’re resumed filming but I guess so?) and constant, already 3-months long promoting can’t be too good for him. He’s already lost some weight and while I prefer him leaner, I don’t want him to lose weight because his schedule is too tight and exhausting. Not to mention that he seems to have rather numerous health problems in general AND I read in some fanaccount from Before U go signing events that he said he has a flu now.

So, in short - probably Do Want (even though I’m sure I’d laugh a lot at poor Yunho) but it’d be probably for the better if the rumour remained just a rumour.
hoyah 31st-Mar-2011 01:58 am (UTC)
Yunho said it isn't confirmed, but it looks like he's acknowledged he is getting ready for it.

Poseidon did resume filming, too.

Mm... My thoughts would normally be similar to yours, but I think due to all the effort I've seen SME and TVXQ put into this round of promotions... that they're really aiming to keep them in the spotlight for as much of the year that they can.

This probably has to do with the fact that they made their comeback in January, which is a long ways away from awards time. And I have to admit the strategy is a smart one, if that's what it is.

Also with their hiatus from idol activities for the last two years, I think the boys themselves seem a bit eager to get back into the swing of things. Or maybe just Yunho, but he was always the type who enjoyed keeping active.

I'd like them to take some time off, too, though, for their health's sake. Maybe they can get a break in the summer, when the weather is nicer for actually doing things, though. :) Though chances are it'd be another 10 days vacation, lol.

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