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2ne1 Nylon Japan Interview

They are the leaders of the world’s youth culture. One of the leading girl groups of Korea, 2NE1 has debuted in Japan. Such Nylonista (models of Nylon) as Kiko Mizuhara and Madomuazel Yuria have all gossiped about 2NE1 and the street kids have chosen their song as one of the most played songs on their music players. The group so called the ‘new hip-hop generation’, has a hip-hop base music style with a rock or reggae touch to it. CL and Minzy’s strong rap and dance, BOM and DARA’s beautiful melody, their unique fashion and their powerful attitude is what makes them special.

The kpop world used to be filled with doll-like idols, until these girls came out and caused a phenomenon. They have dominated Asian music awards of 2010 by winning such awards as ‘Album of the Year’, ‘Artist of the Year’, ‘Best Female Group’, ‘Best Music Video’ and ‘Best Digital Single’. These fabulous girls have made their Japanese debut this month!

These girl’s key person is their producer Teddy, which we interviewed for our Nylon Japan February issue.

We have heard that he (Teddy) produces all of your rap, dance, and even the visual directing. Is this true?

“We usually involve everyone in the production. Stylists, director of the music video,
other staffs, everyone. When all of us get together, it is more of a talk than a meeting.
All the ideas come up naturally that way.”

It is usual that artists go on training camp before the release of albums or singles to gain ideas, but with you and your crew, it seems like you don’t need that because of your creative ideas. You have established the image of independent women. Do you have any hidden messages to what you do?

“It is not like we want to break the rules and rebel against the society. We feel that those ideas are old.
We make music that express ourselves and fashion sort of comes along with that. No matter what, we put music first. So if our music is powerful, the costumes become powerful, and if our music is more soft and popular, the costumes become like so. We think that’s what ‘our style’ is all about.”

They have each entered auditions or have been scouted and entered the YG training school to pursue their dream and have made their debut as a sister group of BIGBANG. They must have felt a lot of pressure in going through those stages. These girls have grown to win a variety of awards and are still growing.

“We did feel a little bit of pressure just after our debut. But people noticed us and got interested in us as “BIGBANG’s sisters”, so we took the pressure in a positive way. Besides, we don’t go on the stage to win awards. We are here to make music, music videos and to perform, and that won’t change. We always try not forget to have fun before going on the stage and we would like to keep it that way.”


Who’s your favorite artist recently?
It has always been Beyonce!
Please tell us your music history!
R&B and Hip-hop. It has never changed.

What is something that you are really into besides 2NE1?
To tell you the truth, makeup! I prefer makeup than clothes. I have even given ideas out for 2NE1′s make up!

What is your recommended makeup?
What is so called ‘BOM makeup’, in the song ‘FIRE’ from our first mini album, I used blue eye liner
and a lot of black eye shadow. It became popular.

What is something that you as 2NE1 want to accomplish in 1, 5 to 10 years?
In a year, I want to become famous in Japan. In 5 years, I want to become popular in Asia.
In 10 years time, I might not be a singer anymore, but I want to be able to help people who
want to become singers.

What is the reason you wanted to become a singer?
When I was little, I used to sing at children’s song competitions, but one day in America I thought to myself, “I don’t even have to eat, as long as I can listen to music”. That’s probably when I started thinking about becoming a singer.

When did you go to the U.S.?
Since I was 13 years old. It has been 8 years since I came back to Korea. I studied Psychology.

By the way, can you tell us your favorite bag and what’s inside it?
Chanel bag. I can’t go without my cellphone, my makeup bag, and my emergency pills.

What is your ideal type?
Someone with a good sense of personality.

What do you become like when you fall in love?
I change a lot! I start doing things that I usually don’t.

Please tell us a secret that you can’t tell other people.
I smell my bed before going to sleep. *Laughs*

What do the other members call you?
‘CL’. Other times, they call me ‘Lion’ because apparently, my hair color and face expressions looks like a lion. *Laughs*

We heard you can speak English, Japanese and even French?
I lived in Japan until I was 11 years old. I also went to a international school where I learned the other languages.

When did you start to engage in music and dancing?
My father loves music, so I was always in an environment filled with music. I loved dancing, so I went to a dance school. As I performed on more stages, I became sure that that was what I wanted to do because it was what I always dreamed of.

How did you make your dream come true?
I auditioned for YG Entertainment because I was a big fan of ITYM’s Teddy. It took me about 4 years to get accepted, and I trained for 3 years.

How do you spend your day off?
To tell you the truth, I’m not the type to go shopping or clubbing. Everyone seems to think that I love to party. I like to go to Teddy’s studio and listen to the songs he produced and go to the park for a walk. You didn’t expect to hear that from me right?

What were you like in high school?
The type that really gets into one thing and one thing only. The nerd. *Laughs* I did have friends and talked a lot though.

Please tell us about your recording with Will.I.Am.
It was so much fun. I think everyone was happy. But I didn’t want to stop at just feeling happy, so I tried to get a better self out of me. Will.I.Am’s approach was totally different to Teddy’s, so I was really surprised at first, but he was there for the whole time, which helped us record comfortably. The songs we recorded then are yet to be released, but it shouldn’t take that long. Please look forward to it!


What do people call you?
What’s the first CD you ever bought?
Kelis – Milkshake

Who’s your favorite electro group?
Daft Punk

What’s your favorite culture and their trend?

I’m really into the English bands and the 80′s punk styles

What’s your favorite fashion brand?
GIVENCHY! I like GIVENCHY’s nightingale bag. The design is cute and is very easy to carry.

What are some things that you must carry in your bag?

My cell phone, iPad and GIVENCHY perfume!

What was your dream when you were young?
A dancer

When did you become interested in this career?
When I was young, I would go to any stage to dance. One day, I saw one of YG Entertainment’s music videos. It was so cool and I was wanting to become a singer. Then the company contacted me.

What is something that you want to achieve as 2NE1?

Just to keep doing what we do. I want to keep going as 2NE1. I want to always be the center of the trend.


What’s your nickname?
Mountain rabbit. *Laughs* My first name ‘San’ means mountain, and people tell me I look like a rabbit.
We heard you were the mood maker of the group. Is this true?
I bring people’s mood up, so I’m like the cheerleader of 2NE1 *Laughs*

What’s the first CD or album that you bought?
When I was in the second year of elementary school, I bought Seo Taiji & Boys CD. Our CEO (YG) was the part of the group. Apparently, their music was a phenomenon in the country, but I was only an elementary school child. But I wanted to look like them, so I wore hip-hop pants and wore caps lol

What kind of music did you listen to when you were young?
When I was in middle school, I was into pop music like Christina Aguilara and Britney Spears, but
after entering YG, I was influenced by the other members, and so now I listen to a lot of hip-hop.

What is your favorite fashion brand?
I like casual styles. In my bag, I put tissues, perfume, hand cream, lip balm and other things that
I think the members would need.

Are you the mother of the group?
I carry medicine with me when we go overseas.

What is your ideal date?
On a rainy day, I forget to take an umbrella, and my boyfriend takes off his jacket to
put it on me. *Laughs*

Do you change when you fall in love?
I’m normally shy and quiet, but I try to show my cute side in front of someone I like. Is it important to show cuteness in front of your boyfriend?

So are you the type to give everything for someone you like/love?
To tell the truth, I’ve only been in a relationship once. When I was still young. I think I went along with the partner. Now I’m really busy, so there’s no time to meet someone. My ideal type is Hanazawa Rui of Boys Over Flowers (Japanese version). (In the Korean version, Kim Hyun Joong played the role) The prince type. But the other members always say that there’s no one like that. *Laughs*

source: Nylon Japan (May Issue)
translations by : Nanz at
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