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The people in da CUBE consider toning down the sexiness of 4legends

After releasing a statement earlier to defend their argument in keeping 4minute’s ’spread leg dance’ in ‘Mirror Mirror’, Cube Entertainment came forth again to state that they are open to considering the modification of the choreography due to viewers feeling uncomfortable.

On April 11th, Cube Entertainment’s Hong Seung Sung CEO expressed, “In the perspective of the company or the singer, we don’t believe that the dance of ‘Mirror Mirror’ is provocative at all.”

“The dance for “Mirror Mirror” was created to match the general mood of the song itself. With that being said, we still believe that the dance for this song is not provocative, but if many viewers and netizens have a different opinion, however disappointing, we will seriously consider modifying the dance moves.

Source:Star News via Nate & allkpop
who they kiddin' it's getting changed unless they want them to be like disqualified or something.
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