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Dara is a tease and she knows we'll love it

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After revealing that 2NE1 was “coming soon” earlier today through the YG-Life blog, member Dara has shared an ambiguous audio clip on her personal Me2day.

On April 15th, a short cut of a song was uploaded onto the star’s personal webpage, which led fans to speculate that it was either 2NE1’s comeback track, or Park Bom’s next solo song.

Fans have been leaving comments debating, “Is this 2NE1’s new track?” and “Is this Park Bom’s solo?” on both their Me2day accounts and 2NE1 fanboards.



Representatives of YG Entertainment stated, “On April 18th, we will be making an official announcement regarding 2NE1’s comeback plans. Even after the release of 2NE1’s album last year, we’ve been working consistently on their next release. We’re confident that fans can look forward to the new songs that will be released soon.”

Source: Star News via Nate, Sports Today via Nate
AKP / JBOX21 @YT / nyxtim3 @YT

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i'm thinking it's a Bom solo,
followed by the girls' comeback
there is never a bad thing as too much Bommie ...
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