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Rania’s Jooyi rejected a casting offer from YG Entertainment

In her recent interview with Donga News, Rania’s Jooyi revealed that not only had she rejected a casting offer from YG Entertainment, but that she was also a potential member of 2NE1 as well.

Jooyi is a media music major at the Dongah Institute of Media and Art and was previously praised by Teddy Riley for having a “modern and powerful vocal talent.”

Jooyi revealed, “I auditioned for YG Entertainment during my third year of junior high and passed up to the third round. Big Bang’s Daesung senior was overseeing the audition cycle, and I had even seen Minzy senior rehearsing in the training room. After I passed the third round, YG’s casting manager said to me, ‘We are making a female Big Bang, would you like to become our trainee?’”

She continued, “I think the group that I was offered to join at the time is the current 2NE1.
I don’t regret the fact that I rejected the offer
. I will work as hard as our 2NE1 seniors so that Rania can become a great girl group as well.”

Source + Photos: Donga via Naver

Translated by: AKP

I find it weird that she first auditioned and then rejected YG, I guess she didn't want to debut simply as "female Big Bang" however 2NE1 managed to change their image from the female Big Bang to 2NE1, nevertheless kudos to her for rejecting YG and instead debuting with Rania.
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