6:17 pm - 06/09/2009

This is a mod post!

So as I have been going back and properly tagging past entries I have noticed one thing. A bunch of posts full of pictures that look like this.

Now, omonatheydidnt get's roughly anywhere from 4,000-6,000 visitors a day. A lot of lurkers ammirite? Perhaps a combination of traffic and people hot-linking from our posts is to blame for this. There was one website that was prolifically hot-linking from us. We kindly asked them to stop and it seems they have.

Because everyone works hard to make posts at omona and build our community into a excellent source & reference for kpop news, we don't want to see posts become useless because of exceeded bandwidth.

Now what I need from you guys is suggestions on websites that are more reliable and can take a bigger hit than photobucket or tinypic (which reuses their links after a certain period of time). The most reliable hosting spot I can think of at the moment is your livejournal gallery. Because pictures don't go away until you delete them yourself.


It's been discovered that if you join & make an account on tinypic rather than just uploading freely that your pictures wont be deleted/replaced after a period of time. So if you want your posts to stay the same please create a personal tinypic account. Happy posting~

•Your personal Facebook gallery

Additional reasons as to why bandwidth is being exceeded & tips here

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distortedinpink 10th-Jun-2009 01:28 am (UTC)
I use imageshack.us, but I just use it for picspams.
misuslovett 10th-Jun-2009 01:34 am (UTC)
I use imageshack.us and it seems to be okay for me. I have pictures I uploaded there like 2 years ago and they are still fine.
deazaskia 10th-Jun-2009 01:39 am (UTC)
is it not gonna re-use the url? and did u make an account there? my photobucket for omntd just died and i'm so sad. :(
iheartomntd 10th-Jun-2009 01:37 am (UTC)
definitely imageshack.us um... and I know another one.. just can't think of the name right now.
finchburg 10th-Jun-2009 01:41 am (UTC)
Was it some .cz site? The waiting room Big Bang gif I have got like 6k hits one month or something... o_o
marochi_x 10th-Jun-2009 01:43 am (UTC)
I use tinypic.com since it's the simplest.
Idk about how long they keep the image up though.
deazaskia 10th-Jun-2009 02:01 am (UTC)
i think tinypic will re-use their url in like 6 months. :/
jaybomb 10th-Jun-2009 01:47 am (UTC)
loverboy 10th-Jun-2009 01:47 am (UTC)
I use Livejournal, but I guess that's only an option for paid accounts?

I hear imageshack.us will take more hits vs. photobucket.
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jaybomb 10th-Jun-2009 01:49 am (UTC)
Because of hotlinkers, there was a batch of pictures I had to re-upload twice within the same day. This is ridiculous.

I'm going to start using LJ if this continues.
shanny_w 10th-Jun-2009 06:15 am (UTC)
AISH! Gurl when that happens you should upload some nasty ass porn and change the url to it so when they hotlink they get the new image. It'll teach them a lesson :O
yuukihitohira 10th-Jun-2009 01:57 am (UTC)
um,this is random, but sometimes I actually use my facebook XD me and few of my friends have a couple Kpop groups we made and when I spam, I just into in the picture we post and get the direct link from the properties of the picture >>;

And I'm pretty sure there's no limit on facebook pictures that you upload, so that's an idea as well :\
xxarnxx 10th-Jun-2009 01:59 am (UTC)
omg, i remember when my bandwidth acceded on photobucket.


i just started using tiny pic so idek about them. ill see about image shack tho.
valyrian 10th-Jun-2009 02:22 am (UTC)
I really don't understand hotlinking so I just stick to uploading them myself lol

I use tinypic for all my stuff.
idk about them using stuff after periods of time but we shall see
shanny_w 10th-Jun-2009 06:16 am (UTC)
Basically after a period of about 6 months or more they reuse the same url for other pics. So we will get some random ass pictures showing up on omona in old posts.
missklutz16 10th-Jun-2009 02:25 am (UTC)
i used to use photo.cx all the time. idk if they delete files or what though, i only ever used it for quick uploading.

i wasn't aware that tinypic delete files after a while. i've read ontd posts from like 3 years ago that still have intact tinypic pics.
shanny_w 10th-Jun-2009 06:17 am (UTC)
So maybe it's a rumor?
xcherryblossomx 10th-Jun-2009 02:27 am (UTC)
I always use tinypic.

Im wondering which website was hotlinking from our ~dear omona~
shanny_w 10th-Jun-2009 06:17 am (UTC)
Great list. Thanks :)
thexrhythm 10th-Jun-2009 02:46 am (UTC)
back then...when i would read the ljsecret comm i would see a whole bunch of "frog" images because it exceeded bandwith. so maybe imageshack wouldnt' be a good idea. the only ones that i've used are tinypic and this: http://photos.cx/ which that comm use also.
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