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SM Town: Mega Post

Queen Qiannie invites you in.
F(x), SHINee, SNSD and SUJU await your arrival
(This post was a pain in the ass to make)

F(x) Sulli and Krystal @ DKNY Event

F(x)Luna Selecta And SNSD Hyoyeon + Jessica Selecta

F(x) Krystal @ Prima Classe

F(x) Victoria (Smoothy King w Sulli)

Girls' Generation- Concert Images

 Taeyeon  Jessica   Sunny    |  Tiffany  Hyoyeon  Yuri  |   Sooyoung  Yoona  Seohyun(Click names for images...a collection for each girl from their recent concert in Seoul...too many to post together)


Girls' Generation Fan Cams
Super Junior: Thanks To

2005 November 6th.. the day Super Junior Was born, after that we somehow came out with 5jib. Really did a great thing!!Just to be able to debut is a good thing… wished to release and album…wished to stand on the stage, by having these wishes… prayed sincerely day by day when going to sleep… came to this point with dreams…

Is it that my dreams and prayers are too sincere, after 5 years of trainee life, I received a lot of love, met many good people until this point…. Whenever there is difficulty, there would be many people giving me love an strength…Our home, our school, SM Entertainment. Now Strong Hear Lee Soo Man Teacher, of course Kim CEO(?), *blah blah blah all the SM people’s names which I don’t know how to trans

And also all the seniors… Pretty dongsaengs SNSD(taeyeon, yoona, sooyoung, yuri, jessica, sunny,tiffany,seohyun, hyoyeon) now really has female scent … will give more support in th efuture!! Shining little brothers Shinee must shine more! F(x) strength!!!!! Love you all truly…

Also to all the PDs and composers… really grateful to you! Also super junior’s kiss the radio.. our crew!!! Though we can’t list all here, all the seniors!!! junior!!!lets all get along well together!!
Also to you who are reading this right now!!! Those who became stronger, those whom I can’t separate from… those whom i love… our members!!! If I were to search for the best thing in my life, it would be meeting you all…. super junior no.1 our wings…our hear… world’s BEST FANCLUB!!! E.L.F. If I were to search for the thing that touched me the most this lifetime, it would be your love. E.L.F No. 1

My one and only family..I love you. Don’t know when we would be separated for the time being… Because this is not END but AND… Even goodbye is precious… 5jib.. although i kept saying it…really will work hard for activities…thank you!!!
Chocoball- My missed Jo Sungmo, Club = Stage Vigorous SangChu, the strong bear-like Mithra, Nassun who is no-stranger to me , Sam D who always say I Love You the most, “Jungmo-ya When are you doing that?” Kim Jungmo, (don’t understand about JGS’ description) Jang Geunsuk, InterCube’s poet-tongued Yong Junhyung, The “xia ke shang” to his hyungs, Lee Hongki (means Hongki is a junior to them but he can control/subdue his hyungs), he is quiet but when you get to know him, the guy who becomes more quiet, Choi Jonghoon.
Yo, Park Jinyoung who is in my heart, Heechul-ah Heechul-ah Heechul-ah Cheon Jungmyeong, Stage = Club Stamina Sangchu
-Something for my friends who i frequently contact with-
Our first meeting was still funㅋㅋ Youngduk J, the Aegyo (i think everyone knows aegyo, means making cute faces) girl Kwon BoA who has become my brother, Shim Changmin who is thinking of a new religion to me, Sulli Sulli who can see me coming even from a distance of 100m, Son Dambi the Devil, the queen of all Son Dambi, Noona who dances without feel. Park Gahi who is learning from me, The professional of the innocence of children, the keeping Yang Jinseok, the young GNP who hunted me,Jeong Jun Ha, Ferrari Prince who will have his comeback soon Choi Jaehoon, if you give +16 jjari, i’ll get back to youㅋㅋ Bae Kisung, Lee Sejoon, Defconn who really looks the like Hello Kitty the best, Kim Jisuk who is knowledgable and sympathetic. Cheon Kyeyoung who monitors everything of me, Shimyang Shim Taeyoon who is always willing to talk no matter what he is doing, Park Chan who’s way of talking is always like that of people from the Juseon Dynasty, to my warm-hearted brothers who draws me to my new future, indulged digital master at my charms, We are gangster!! Kim Yunsong, The cute like a child Song Yejin who i do not call Noona, Lee Dahae who is like a mom, when your saliva flows, she will wipe it clean, M&D’s first ever supporter Shim Eunkyoung, The skinny body Lee YoungMin who is STARGYM23, Friend of Hee DJ-Cho PD, Heo Deokhoo, Heo Keumwook, and for the last.. ᄉᄅᄒᄂᄂᄋᄑᄃ.. ♥
Mr & Miss …
This album, the feeling is different…
Because there are too many people I should be thankful of.. The ones that come to my mind first thing.. are the members… Super Junior..!! I love you… And Super Junior’s fans worldwide, E.L.F. I believe that you’re everlasting like your name… And my celebrity colleagues who always worry about me and help me out… I can’t put everyone’s names (here).. I’m sorry.. And our Fam. ForH & 2Car, I’m always thankful and love you.. Thank you for believing in me… Also thank you, manager hyungnim’s for helping me out [physically].. Suddenly I think of the Little Shindong that grew up singing and dancing while watching idol singers.. I’m at that place now… and to think that someone might have a kid whom I once was in the past, I try harder and harder in everything I do..
No matter how, my goal is to be happy!! Among that, my greatest happiness is Super Junior!! I will do anything for Super Junior..
Everyone, try thinking what happiness is too.. For a life always filled with happiness.. Shindong ^^

Go Anchovies!
Wow… it’s already 5jib… time passes really quick. Members and ELF went through 6 years already, and have been through a lot, much laughter, and many tears, many happy things, and many tiresome things… thank you for being with us… As days pass, as months pass.. a year has passed already. There are more ELF around the world with us. The time we have spent together is so long. I’m very happy.
Leeteuk hyung is living for the right reason, to see the world filled with Sapphire blue… he really us our best leader Leeteuk! Let’s fight together for 5jib! If we didn’t have ELF, there would be no Super Junior! We are idiots who don’t know anybody but ELF! Super Juni-oyeyo! After 5jib we will temporarily not release a Super Junior album but we will always be together! You know that! You will wait for us right? To ELF I don’t know what to say except for loving words! I won’t write I love you, I will write let’s create more beautiful things together ^^ I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!
To: Appa
Appa, it had been 6 years. 5jib is preparing to release
It seems like appa had been beside(me), protecting (me) so that I can keep smiling til here. The yearly letter I write to Appa has reached the 5th one.
Really, when you are around I did not even write a single one, because I was too little then.
The thank yous that were heard when you are around, are often missed when not around. I am also very regretful.
I want to say “I love you” one more time… I want to say “Thank you” one more time. I want to tell you how grateful I am for you to be beside me… I want to hug one more time…
I want to say thank you to Super Junior whom I have trusted and walked with all along.
Our best leader Leeteuk hyung, watching him taking care of us dongsaengs is touching every time.
Thank you, atmosphere creator Heenim who loves SJ more than us all, I always feel the love from hyung, so thank you Heechul hyung.

Hankyung hyung, whom I want to meet more than anyone else, no matter where you are, I wish you health and success wherever you go.Yesung hyung who has taken care of me very well since pre-debut, I really want to say thank you.
Mighty Kangin hyung protecting our country, because we trust hyung we will wait for you, we love you.
Shindong hyung who has a heart as big as his body kya kya I hope hyung’s business and everything goes well.
When I am occasionally tired, Sungmin hyung is always beside me to listen, I am really thankful, your musical must be daebak! Fighting!

To have Hyukjae hyung’s best body is my dream, kya… as for the face… kya kya. You have to eat well, I love you Eunhyuk hyung! Kind Donghae hyung whom I treat like a dear friend and whom I learn a lot from. Never change your heart, we have to stay together, throughout our life Donghae hyung.Super Junior’s visual, Siwon hyung. You are really handsome, kya. There are many times where I feel sorry because of hyung. And also many instances where I feel thankful, I will do better, hyung.

Forever maknae Kibum-ah. I hope your dream comes true, we will continue to cheer for you, fighting ^^ Our kyukyu maknae Kyu-ah. Your voice is a national treasure… your face is also so handsome what should I do kya kya. Even when we are making jokes you are always sincere in the heart, thank you.Super Junior-M Henry, hyung couldn’t take care of you so much, our Henry must be tired. Thank you for understanding hyungs, if we don’t have Henry we won’t be able to live. I love you. Zhoumi hyung, thank you for being in Super Junior-M, you helped us a lot. If we didn’t have hyung we would be very tired. Let’s do better.

I love all our members ^^ Last but not least E.L.F who have protected us, thank you, I love you guys.
Thank you to Father God who let this album being able to be made. I dedicate this album to beloved grandmother who now has gone to heaven. I love you grandmother. – Sincerely yours, eldest son of the eldest son Siwon -

SHINee Support SUJU

Super Junior recently made their comeback on both Music Bankand Music Core with “Superman” and their title song, “Mr. Simple”. Their fellow label mates SNSD showed their support by visiting them on Music Core, revealing the closeness between the two groups.

Despite SHINee’s busy schedule in Japan with “Juliette” promotions, the group took a photo while wearing Super Junior “Mr. Simple” shirts as support for their seniors.

They also included a sincerely written caption, “Shining SHINee has come together like this to cheer our Mr. Super Junior seniors!!! Since we’ve been busy lately with Japan promotions, this is our way of greeting everyone~ ^^ Let’s listen together~ and please support! Mr. Simple fighting! ☆”
Henry being supportive

“I’m feeling very….very…extremely….SIMPLE TODAY! they killeddddddddd itttt!!! aosjdaidjaoisdj WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!mixed emotions at times like this…nevertheless I’m so proud!!!! miss them all. so happy”


"Our SoShi dongsaengs came to support us ..! Our pretty girls are really loyal~^^ Thank you!!"- Yesung

"Thank you SNSD!! ^^ I’ll buy lots of food for your comeback performance!! ^^ Right now we’re Super Generation!!!^^"- Teuk

"Thanks to our SNSD dongsaengs for coming to support us on Music Core!! Right now it’s Girls’ Generation!! We are Super Junior!!"-Chul

   F(x): DKNY & Krystal Images @ Iheartfx
1, 2
            Smoothie King Images @
            Luna Selecta @ Iheartfx | namgungquestion@twitter | Suney@iheartf(x)

SNSD: Hyoyeon + Jessica Selecta: via
            Seoul Concert Images: via
            Concert Fancams @ aaroncmhk (Sooyoung), okey901(Sunny + Seohyun + Yuri) | Youtube

SUJU: Thanks to: www.littleariel13.wordpress.com | @mimilovemicky | 2pinkninja | eunhyukfacts | Teuk Bar | fayerielf | minbunny @tumblr
            烟雨阁副阁主_菜菜 & fayeriel & minbunny.tubmlr | pastakyu @ sjworld ALL TRANSLATIONS VIA  sup3rjunior.wordpress.com
           SHINee Support: SHINee Me2Day | shinstarkey | koreaboo.com | via www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com
           SJM Henry: @henryLau89 | twitter
           SuperGeneration Translations:spiceshoe@twitter | Images from Yesung, teuk and Heechul's twitter

Third time lucky I hope...all the links are working...at least they were when I posted

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notochrasy 7th-Aug-2011 03:46 pm (UTC)
I like this post.
I've seen everything, but it's nice to have everything in one spot. Thank you for your hardwork OP ^^
goshipgurl 7th-Aug-2011 03:48 pm (UTC)
krystal looks so tired D:
volume1995 7th-Aug-2011 03:49 pm (UTC)
flawless post about flawless(x) and flawless generation ty OP
xaoiholic 7th-Aug-2011 03:49 pm (UTC)
the op is good job, post is fuwaless, and omfg henry is killing meeeeeh
dorawa 7th-Aug-2011 03:51 pm (UTC)
wait, all yesung said was "mr and miss" and all eunhyuk said was "go anchovies!" are you for real
dorawa 7th-Aug-2011 03:57 pm (UTC)
in exchange, kyuhyun's thanks to is flawllllleeeeeessssssssssss then again it's kyu

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xcherryblossomx 7th-Aug-2011 03:52 pm (UTC)
I looked at Victoria's smoothie king pics in some other place and saw her bunions... they are as bad as Victoria Beckham's!!! Now when I look at her all I see are her bunions :/
crystalheng 7th-Aug-2011 04:36 pm (UTC)
She was apparently born with her big toe pointing towards the 2nd toe (she said her grandfather's and father's feet were like that too), and it got worse as she danced over the years :/
anconeous 7th-Aug-2011 03:56 pm (UTC)
Forever jealous of all the clothes Krystal gets to wear. Can't believe I'm jealous of a 16-year-old. SMH.

Wookie's message is so sweet, mentioning EVERYONE in Super Junior. LMAO at Hyuk's. LOL at Kyu, still trying to make the Kyu-line happen. Of course, Heechul name-dropped all his celeb friends. :)

Super Generation! I love how the boys kept tweeting different combinations of "jigeumeun sonyuhshidae" and "uri super junioyeo!"
yesungholic 7th-Aug-2011 03:58 pm (UTC)
Sulli's new hair and that smile...kinda freaks me out...
bi_bing_ka 7th-Aug-2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
So what does Henry do during the 9-10 months he's not in SJ-M?
anconeous 7th-Aug-2011 04:14 pm (UTC)
I guess he gets to go home and do his own thing for those times when he's not in China/Taiwan promoting or recording stuff in Seoul. Last year, when SJ were having their Bonamana/No Other promotions, he enrolled for a summer term in Berklee College of Music in Boston. Term ended right before SS3 and SM Town started, and he went straight back to Seoul.
eightlightyears 7th-Aug-2011 04:10 pm (UTC)
That SuperGeneration photo... all I can think of is, "ahuh... Heechul's angels" LOL!
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the_erotomanic 7th-Aug-2011 04:16 pm (UTC)
oh! So Donghae didn't list the names of the members in his thank you note?

Yuri's body looks really good. so does sunny's. and sooyoung's long leys are enviable.
yolleh 7th-Aug-2011 09:33 pm (UTC)
Yuri's body looks scary skinny though!
voleur 7th-Aug-2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
whao i've been mia from the kpop world for the past 2 months...i'm happy to see that yuri seems to look healthier, but now taeyeon seems to have become super thin! & hyo's hair looks awesome!!!
ifuckingluvya 7th-Aug-2011 04:19 pm (UTC)
Kristal looks like Yoona, honestly. It really surprised me when I saw it's wasnt her xD.

Great post
drfaith101 7th-Aug-2011 04:19 pm (UTC)

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