8:22 pm - 08/07/2011

O No! Boobies and Ass on TV. Somebody think of the Children!

On August 7th, KBS aired a “dream girls summer special” for their sports variety show, ‘Dream Team 2‘, which contained some suggestive and licentious scenes that left viewers feeling uncomfortable.
Girl group stars like SISTAR, Girl’s Day, CSJH, Nine Muses, Dal Shabet, Rania, Aurora, Lee Pani, Kim Mi Yeon, Kim Na Young, Kang Eun Bi and others guested on the show for what was supposed to be a fun series of games.
Since it took place in a waterpark, female contestants wore T-shirts over their bathing suits.  Unfortunately, some of the matches called for inappropriate scenes that made viewers watching with their families feel rather uncomfortable.
The scenes in question would be repeated on end, and cameras would even zoom up to specific body parts, providing one-shots to the celebrities with the best bodies.  This issue was compounded by the fact that the program was aired during a time slot when families gathered to watch TV together at night.
Soon after the broadcast, the viewer board for ‘Dream Team 2′ was met with an onslaught of angry viewers who left comments like, “It was as if I was watching an old adult’s program”, and “Cameras would take shots from the front and even one-shots of the contestants’ breasts.  It was just embarrassing.”

Other viewers, however, defended the program by commenting, “It was a refreshing broadcast fit for the summer weather.  I felt as if I had gone on vacation myself”, and “This is reverse discrimination.  It’s apparently fine when guys run around with their tops off, but it’s suddenly sexually suggestive for girls to wear t-shirts over their bikinis?”

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Source: AKP Nate

They should do a boys' day where they all wear nothing but speedos, i want to see bitches complain to that. i wouldn't though :P
I didn't know what to tag this =_=" and is imageshack being a pisspot to anything else?
annhh 7th-Aug-2011 06:37 pm (UTC)
the orange top girl (mother??) is clearly out of her own will flaunting her assets. real or not

yeah, they like have shirts and shorts on, I see no problem
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