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Davichi are soulmates, do everything together

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Lee Haeri and Kang Min Kyung of Davichi is known as a girl group with amazing vocal skills as well as beautiful looks — but there’s far more to this talented duo than meets the eye and ear. For one, the title of “girl group” doesn’t seem to quite fit them as they stated, “We’re women, so it makes sense to call us a girl group, but it’s quite awkward. But we don’t really care about labels. ‘The group that sings well. That’s why they have so many hits’ – as long as we hear this opinion, it’s okay.”

Davichi most recently made an all-kill on music charts with their single “Don’t Say Goodbye.”

The single “Don’t Say Goodbye” is not a “reversal song”:

“Both ‘8282‘ and ‘Time, Please Stop‘ as well as other songs were loved and known as reversal songs. They start calmly and then get stronger during the chorus so we understand that these hit songs caused this image. We didn’t want to be holed into one image so we had new composers and lyricists like Jun Hye Sung to create some change. We’re not just a team that singes reversal songs, but a team that sings songs with a good melody.”
-Lee Haeri

The first response for “Don’t Say Goodbye” was hot:

“It’s really nice to have a popular song, but I’m prouder of hearing that it’s a good song. Before I would always hear ‘It was good seeing your performance,’ but now I’m hearing ‘It was good to hear the song’ a lot more. My younger sibling who’s in 6th grade said the song is popular in his class as well. I think our fan base has gotten wider.”
-Kang Min Kyung

Davichi is known for hitting high keys:

“Yeah, this is why singing is so difficult. Even the composers are offering us songs with higher and higher keys. I tried asking the agency to go for more calmer songs, but this new song is even harder. Because it’s a song that requires moderation as well as high keys, I got vertigo while recording. I get worried whenever we have to sing live.”
-Lee Haeri

Was there a time that talented Davichi had an embarrassing moment on stage?

“While I was sick, during ‘My Man‘ I made a shrill noise. It was a clip on entertainment programs like ‘Entertainment Gajunge‘ so I was embarrassed. Haha.”
-Lee Haeri

“There was a time I threw a microphone. Thankfully it wasn’t during a live show, but just a rehearsal. I was concentrated on dancing during ‘Sad Promise‘, and threw the mic. Our manager was so shocked he went to pick it up.”
-Kang Min Kyung

Because Kang Min Kyung used to be “ulzzang”, she doesn’t receive as much acknowledgement for her vocal skills:

“I think it’s obvious that I can’t stand up next to Haeri because she does so well. No matter how hard I sing, what kind of clothes I wear and how my hair style was done is always mentioned in comments. There were times I felt bad about it, but these days people are more interested in the music. I feel good because I hear ‘Davichi sings well’ in interviews.”
-Kang Min Kyung

During that time, you tried something new. Kang Min Kyung starred in ‘Laugh, Mother‘ and Haeri in the musical ‘Heaven’s Tears‘:

“Because the drama was so strong, it was hard. From the beginning, the character went through sexual harassment, got her face slapped, and attempted suicide. I experienced all the hard ships. Since we had to film it all in a few days, I lost a lot of weight because I had no appetite. I even took a photo of me looking like a zombie, and forwarded it to Haeri.”
-Kang Min Kyung

“I fulfilled a childhood dream so I was happy. I used to go around saying that I wanted to do a musical. I spent time with my fellow actors including JYJ‘s Junsu like we were part of a club so it was fun.”

Kang Min Kyung starred in ‘Laugh, Mother’ with acclaimed actress Lee Misook as mother and daughter. Was she intimidated by the situation?

“At least, I really shriveled up. After hearing that Lee Misook would be cast in the role of the mother, I’m such a fan that I went to the audition again. But I heard that she doesn’t even look at actors who aren’t talented so I was really scared. I’m not sure if she thought how hard I worked was cute, but she really babied me. Whenever I was unsure, she said, ‘Acting is done from the heart. If you act from fakeness, you will never be able to move anymore’. I want to be like her as a woman and an actor. It’s really shocking that she’s able to maintain such a perfect body line at that age.”
-Kang Min Kyung

Even before their debut, Kang Min Kyung had rumors of a relationship with actor Lee Min Ho, who is currently dating Park Min Young. Did they know?

“No, I was also surprised when I saw the news. We’re so busy these days so we haven’t been able to contact each other.”
-Kang Min Kyung

They sang “The Second Time We Broke Up” in veteran singer Shin Seung Hoon‘s 20th anniversary album:

“It was an honor because we both grew up listening to Shin Seung Hoon’s songs. I’m not just saying this, but we said in a previous interview that we would like to sing his songs. I thought he was a slightly cold person, but he was very warm and praised us. He was also a co-composer for “Secret“. We let him hear the song first, and he said the lyrics were great and gave us compliments.”
-Kang Min Kyung

Davichi is well-known to be a team that gets along:

“We hear a lot that if we’d met as a man and woman, we’d be soul mates. We think that teamwork means everything in Davichi. Even when we’re not promoting, we do everything together. After seeing “1 Night 2 Days” recently, we went to the southern sea together. Because I was so busy with my musical, I wasn’t able to monitor Min Kyung’s drama or take interest in her so she felt sad despite saying she was okay. It’s like we’re dating. Haha.”
-Lee Haeri

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