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SM Clarifies SNSD's "unprofessional" scandal

Recently, there was a claim that netizens found an issue with Taeyeon and Yoona’s performance in their MTV Iggy interview in New York on October 24th, particularly the screencap above of Taeyeon resting her chin on her hand.

SM Entertainment released a statement on November 1st detailing what exactly happened, stating “The program MC wanted to talk while watching the Girls’ Generation music video being shown on the low monitor. Taeyeon was shown on screen naturally resting her chin on her hand while watching the monitor” and that “We hope there are no other misunderstandings.”

Also, “That day, Taeyeon and Yoona, as well as the other members’ conditions weren’t very good, but they appeared on the show of their own volition and, along with the fan meeting schedule afterward, did their best to digest their schedule.”

Sources: Newsen and Soshified
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anyone who actually thinks their behavior was an issue needs to re-watch the video. they did nothing unprofessional during the course of the interview. goes to show how drama can be started from nothing and how easily people will buy into it. 

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