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OMNTD Shitlist: Is your bias taint-free?

Godamnit, it's been a hard time keeping up who's saying what in the kpop community.



I even fucking put it in categories. Look at how much I care about this.


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Actual Criminals (but obviously gotten no shit)
- Homophobia
- Racism
- Sexism/Side eye worthy comments against girls
- (Potential) Girl Beaters
- Other shitlist reasons



Ryu Si Won

Actor and singer Ryu Si Won was nicknamed “Ryucifer” (Ryu+Lucifer) because he killed a person back in 1995; he accidentally knocked down a pedestrian while he was driving his Le Mans late at night. He was investigated but did not get charged against any crimes as he made a settlement with the victim’s family, but the tag of a murderer still follows him. Ryu is an amateur car racer and still enjoys his hobby to this date, which only fuels people’s accusations against him. (

Jo Hyung Ki

Actor and comedian Jo Hyung Ki who frequents variety shows these days with his image as a funny old man is known as “Killer Jo” because of the crime he committed back in 1991. He killed a woman in her 30s while driving under the influence of alcohol. What makes his case much more serious than it already is, is the fact that he took the dead body and dumped it somewhere else in an attempt to conceal his crime – ironically, he was caught red handed because he fell asleep in the car right beside where he hid the body. He served one year before being released, and his case is one of the landmark cases that law students come across in their studies as a drunk driving murderer being released after one year which remains highly controversial till this day. He began appearing in dramas right after he was released. (source)

Kwon Sang Woo STRIKE I I

In June2010, Kwon crashed into several vehicles including a police car near Seoul's Cheongdam-dong district during early hours. This fucker abandoned his car and fled, only turning up in the police station 2 days later denying alcohol influence. Duh, it's been 2 days. The court fined him seven million won (USD 6000). THAT'S IT. And he's still getting roles. This man is a known douche. Just go search the douche tag. (source)

Shin Jung Hwan

Not in prison for a serious crime, but Shin Jung Hwan has been sentenced to 8 months for GAMBLING OVERSEAS even though prosecutors had asked that he be imprisoned for one full year. Please compare his sentence to Jo Hyung Ki and proceed to slam your head against the wall. (source)

Han Ye Seul

Han was involved in an hit and run accident earlier this year and ultimately was only fined 6 mil krw. SMH. (source)

Extra mention: Kang Daesung

YG may have supposedly covered up his crimes, but Daesung seems to be genuinely remorseful and it was truly an accident that no one wanted.

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Block B's Zico STRIKE I I

On live national TV, he called Boyfriend's Youngmin "cute/pretty" but negated anything cute or OTP about it but saying
"no gay, no homo." This isn't the first time Zico has slipped up, first by saying the n-word in one of his songs, but that's for a different category.

U-Kiss' Eli

Good friends with his heterosexual buddy Zico, Eli tweeted to his producer Ryan, that he loved him "no homo".


F.T. Island's Hongki

On January 28th, Hongki posted a picture of B2ST’s Junhyung and himself in a couple t-shirt and wrote, “Couple tee…Definitely not gay, kekekeke”. (source)

Brown Eyed Soul's Jung Yeop

During an interview, Jung Yeop was asked about the rumor that he was in fact gay. He denied these rumors by stating, "I am a man and I like females." Okay, good to know!

But then he went on to say that he was "a full male" later in his explanation, implying that gay men are not fully males.

You should have stopped at the females part, Jung Yeop.


Junho has proven not just once, but twice (and probably more that I missed), that he is extremely homophobic. First, he denied friendship with Hong Suk Chun, a full outed gay comedian, with a seriously shady "reason." But the second is even worse.

A fanboy wrote to Junho, saying that he went to the Dream Team recording with a sign and that he loves his hyung!! Junho replied exactly this: "Love should be with a woman."

Orly? Junhomophobe is quite a perfect nickname for such a man.


“I thought Kim HeeChul was gay so I avoided him on purpose”. He and Junho can go be best friends, but hey, no homo. (source)


Oh, my favorite one. Hip hop artist Swings went on twitter and openly admitted to be a "phobe" and being proud of being one because it's his choice.

Isn't he just a dream boat, ladies?

Choi Siwon

guest starring Kyuhyun

"While I respect all genders, I do not wish to acknowledge homosexuals as I have been taught that God created Man and Woman with specific characteristics and duties."> (source)

Go Dae Hyun

Boohoo, I keep getting job offers that feed me but they all want to make me play the gay man! (source)

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The Bubble Sisters STRIKE 1 but nugu?

Nugu RnB group debuting in 2003. According to
allhiphop (is this where allkpop got their name from?) "when the girls perform their music they are in blackface with plastic lips to exaggerate the features of an African person. There [sic] bodies are completely covered black to match their faces, in the same fashion of "Amos & Andy", as they wear pajamas. One of the members even has rollers in her hair."


Beast's Kikwang

More recently, Kikwang went on a show entitled "Hot Brothers" and dressed up in full blackface, as well as pretended to film for a watermelon commercial.

Isn't blackface hilarious you guys?


It must be because even Boom is doing it. Fresh off of his military services, Boom came back with a boom alright: he dressed up in blackface, pretending to be Stevie Wonder, while the Kings of Douche were by his side acting as his band.

Blackface just brings everyone together.

Jung Juri

No explanation needed after like three blackfaces. Gotdamnit WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU

Big Bang's Seungri

Seungri's racist story is infamous but no one ever has a transcript or a copy of that said radio show where he infamously said that he once entered the wrong van outside the airport in the US. He was happy that the man was Caucasian and not African-American; because if he had been black, he would’ve probably been shot. Whatever, you can believe what you will.

SNSD's Yuri and Brian Joo

Because imitating a race is high-la-rious.

Yuri - Invincible Youth

Brian - Oh My School

plus another one

NOTE: Taeyeon's Alicia Keys comment is NOT here because it's a GROSS MISTRANSLATION.

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COMMERCIAL BREAK: here's a Robb Stark gif with baby direwolf pups to soothe your soul. Plus he's currently flaw free.

Now, back to regular programming!!!

Sexism / General side eye worthy comments made to girls


SHINee's Key

In one of my favorite Omona drama wanks ever,
Key told Nicole that she could stand to lose some weight and she did. Before it was revealed to be Key, Omonians believed the culprit to be Super Junior's Shindong, and they bashed him into oblivion for being a dick.

Of course, when it was revealed, OPPA DIDN'T MEAN IT. IT'S JUST HIS DIVA ATTITUDE. Never change, Omona.


Leeteuk, Shindong, Yesung

This is a personal favorite of dorawa's. Super Junior's Douchelord Leeteuk, Yesung and Shindong went on a talk show, where Shindong started out:

“If someone had to lose weight, I would tell that person to lose weight. Lose some weight, why can’t you take care of yourself. When I say this, the person might think, ‘Look who’s talking,’ but I would reply, ‘I’m a boy and you’re a girl.‘”

Then Yesung: “I think obese people are lazy”

Then Leeteuk: “I really dislike fat girls. I don’t think they take care of their bodies well.”

Shindong apologized later on twitter. But guess who didn't?

In another classic gem of wisdom from everyone's favorite leader, Leeteuk personally attacks Miss A's Suzy and tells her she needs to lose weight before they can comeback. Because weight jokes are the life of the party!

On Strong Heart, backpedalling could be seen!!!!!!! Heechul came to his rescue and said, “I live with Leeteuk and we randomly came across a ‘chubby Suzy’ article. He told me, ‘She doesn’t look like she gained weight at all,’ and even mentioned that he would console her the next time he saw her. On the radio show, he had actually meant to say, ‘Why are you losing weight, Suzy, you don’t have to.’ The guests on the radio show reacted too quickly before he got to complete his sentence.”

/csb but no1curr

Block B's Kyung

Oh Kyung. In his "Diss Tapes" to rivals Ghetto Boys (what?), Kyung included these gems he liked to call lyrics:

“You’re the one that spread your legs like a prostitute
And now that a guy named Holke starts banging you,
You want to run away to Hong Kong?”
“I’m going to fuck your girl if you don’t develop your own style.”
“The quality of your skills is as cheap as a prostitute’s.”

Not even sexist, but this had to be mentioned as well:

“You’re like a disabled child begging for attention.”

Not only sexist, but a complete asshole too. What a keeper.


"There are a lot of woman who use tears as a weapon. They always try crying" and Lee Hongki said something that attracted everybody's attention. That day was the day where men had honestly agreed about 'If a woman feels like she's losing, they will cry'. (source)

I will punch you till you cry

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(Potential) Women/Girl Beaters


Choi Chul Ho

“Choi Chul Ho had pushed a woman to the ground at around 2.30am on July 8th near the street of Pungdeokcheon-dong, Yongin. After pushing her to the ground, he then kicked her body from behind. His violent act was caught on a CCTV at a nearby store.” Choi Chul Ho is a popular actor who has been in Chuno and Dong Yi. (


the face of an angel that will hit you

Lee Hongki revealed that he was violent and even cheated on his ex-girlfriend and he deeply regrets it. He told the 2nd person “Don’t ever resort to violence. If you do, whenever she doesn’t listen to you or does something you don’t like, you will end up being violent again.” (source)

Plus we already know of his crazyass possessive behaviour on MNET's SCANDAL program.

But jesus christ, believe what you will and make your own informed choice about this.

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Other general shitlist assholes



aka the asshole who
touched my angel Tiffany's beautiful body without her permission

No explanation needed

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~TYFYT~ and thanks to dorawa for helping me write up some stuff.

Did I miss out your bias? Feel free to add more douchebag behaviour in the comments. PUT THEIR HEADS ON PIKES!!!!!!!

For biases who have been flaw free so far, #prayercircle for them to remain always flawfree.
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