7:22 pm - 12/26/2011

SECRET to expand into the Chinese market next year


SECRET has led a busy year with their hit songs “Shy Boy“, “Starlight Moonlight“, and “Love is Move“. They kicked off their Japanese debut a few months ago, and now they’re looking to expand into the Chinese market.

On December 26th, TS Entertainment revealed, SECRET will be promoting all over Asia in addition to their Korean and Japanese promotions next year. 2012 will mark the official start of their Asian advancement.

Their cute, trendy songs have become a trademark to their image, and officials are wondering whether this image will work in China. A representative stated, “We’ve received a lot of fan meeting and performance requests from all over Asia so we’re trying to work them into their schedules.”

In related news, SECRET will be attending all of the year-end ceremonies this year.

Source + Photos: AKP + OSEN via Naver

I'll support you girls all the way, don't you worry! Just no remakes, okay?
honeebs 26th-Dec-2011 01:54 pm (UTC)
wow... then I must agree they have to start from scratch no redoing old songs. Maybe do the top hits and add them as b-sides.
I just hope by NEXT YEAR .... they don't mean Jan *eyeroll they love to announce shit like it's 5 months away and it's tomorrow.
They are my #1 girlgroup, no they are my only girlgroup I support. 4min dropped off :/
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