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Seungri's first appearance in a drama

Big Bang's Seungri participated in the filming of a drama for the first time. 

He made a special appearance in the drama specially dedicated to MBC 50th Anniversary, ' Light and Shadow'. He took part in the filming of the 9th episode as an aspiring artist who came from Yeosu and he is named An Jae Su. He participated in this drama in a very cold weather and it marked his first participation in dramas.

They filmed this episode at Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-Do on 24th. The weather was freezing that day since it was between -8 degree and -10 Degree Celsius. Such a cold weather seemed to have placed a challenge for the team but the idols still exerted all of their efforts.

Seungri wanted to thank the senior actors and the staff for taking care of him and let him shoot his first drama episode in a family- like atmosphere. 

He said, "I often watch drama, it is my honour to take part in one. Although the actor and staff had to film it in the cold weather, I could feel the sweat and passion of them, it was really a great experience."

That Hair, That styling... >< 

Source: BBupdate 1, 2
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