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Eunjung sprains her ankle, Jiyeon hospitalized before and after Inki recording

T-ara's Eunjung injures her ankle at MBC Gayo Daejaejun

T-ara's Eunjung injures her ankle at MBC Gayo Daejaejun

On the December 31st broadcast of the MBC Gayo Daejaejun, Eunjung served as the MC. While coming down the stairs onto the stage, Eunjung lost her footing and fell, injuring her ankle.

T-ara officials said today, "Fortunately, the ankle injury is not too bad. She sprained her ankle on the stairs coming down, and while at hospital, they said her ligament increased a little (in size). After the Daejaejun, she went to get treatment at the hospital in Gangnam."

The official continued, "She won't let the strained ankle interfere with her activities though. There's no need to worry."

Meanwhile, T-ara will release their 22-minute "Lovey-Dovey" drama music video tomorrow. They will also reveal their "TOKYO in Lovey-Dovey" teaser tomorrow.

T-ara's Jiyeon taken to the hospital before and after Inkigayo recording

On January 1st's episode of SBS "Inkigayo", T-ara and Davichi presented a joint stage of "We Were In Love".

However, Jiyeon was missing from the T-ara and Davichi special stage. According to her agency, her accumulated fatigue made her feel sick so she was taken to the hospital instead and couldn't join for the stage.

An associate of Jiyeon’s told Star News on January 1st, “After she completed T-ara’s stage for the MBC ‘Gayo Daejaejun‘ at 2 in the morning, Jiyeon went to shoot for the KBS drama ‘Dream High 2‘ at 4 a.m.”

They added, “She went to the rehearsal for ‘Inkigayo’ in a sleep-deprived state. It’s a shame since she also has a drama shoot afterwards“.

An associate of Core Contents Media commented that Jiyeon will continue her schedule under the watchful eyes of her manager, and will frequently be getting check-ups.

T-ara members are busy for the year-end shoes and took time to practice from 3AM to 6AM for these shows. They only were able to receive 2-3 hours of sleep over three days; there is no time for them to relax. In addition, Jiyeon had to be at the KBS 2TV "Dream High 2" shooting schedule.

Jiyeon said, "Sorry for the inconvenience and making fans worry. Today, please love our 'Lovey-Dovey' music video."

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