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NK forces actor to get plastic surgery for filming Kim Il-sung

North Korean regime even compelled an actor to undergo plastic surgery when producing a film about the Soviet Army officer who saved Kim Il-sung, founder of the Stalinist regime, it has been reported.
The Russian TV channel, TV-Center, reported on Jan. 25 revealed this, whilebroadcasting a documentary film named ‘Comrade Kim, the Prince of Chosun(Korea),’ which covers power succession from grandfather Kim Il-sung to third generation Kim Jong-un of North Korea. In 1985, Chosun Art Film Studio of North Korea and Mosfilm Studios of the USSR co-produced a movie, ‘Eternal Comrade,’ about the Soviet Army’s first lieutenant Yakov Novichenko, who had saved the leader of North Korea from grenade attack to assassinate him just less than one year after Korea’s independence from the Japanese colonial rule.

The scenario is about the incident occurred at the Square of Pyongyang Station in 1946. While Kim Il-sung was addressing the public in a ceremony marking March 1 Independence Movement, a young man threw a grenade toward the podium. But first lieutenant Novichenko saved Kim dramatically, throwing his body and covered the weapon thrown to Kim. From this accident, Novichenko got lost his right hand but was fortunate enough to survive the attack thanks to a book he was embracing on his chest.

TV-Center disclosed that the NK authorities forced Li Yong-il, the actor who performed as Kim Il-sung in the film, to get plastic surgery, quoting Russian surgeon Igor Volf.

One day, officials from the North Korean Embassy came to me and asked me to make the actor look just like Kim,” Volf said. “It is critical for the production of the film.”

I wondered why the actor has to do plastic surgery rather than putting on makeup,” Volf said. “But they insisted that he has to get surgery as make-up is not enough to make the actor look like Kim.”

After fixing a surgery schedule, they took Li to the hospital on a special vehicle and he performed plastic surgery on his face based on the picture of Kim Il-sung in his youth, according to Volf. The TV also reported the history of North Korea’s nuclear development. For the first time, it also revealed that in February 1990, just before the collapse of the USSR, Vladimir Kryuchkov, then chief of the spy agency, KGB), reported to Mikhail Gorbachev with concerns that North Korea has nearly completely developed nuclear weapons. It shows that Russia has been keenly watching the procedure of North Korean nuclear development since the early 1990s.

The film also pointed out that North Korea is responsible for the sinking of Cheonanham warship in March 2010 and the Yeonpyeong Islet attack in November of the same year. This is the first time that Russian media has ever released a program that officially attributes the sinking of the South Korean warship to North Korea. Moreover, it introduces background of young leader Kim Jong-un in detail, reporting that he studied at an international school in Switzerland. The TV also analyzed that the power elites in North Korea are uniting with Kim as the center of power for fear of being purged in case that South Korea unifies the Korean Peninsula, absorbing North Korea when collapsed, it added. They also described Kim Jong-un as the fattest in North Korea, saying, “He is 1.75 meters tall and weighs 90 kilograms.”


Source: Koreatimes
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