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More G-Dragon for High Cut (Volume 70) and Translated Parts

HIGH CUT: "It's been awhile. What have you been doing lately?" 
G-Dragon: "I spent most of my time working on the album, nothing other than that. Mostly I was in the recording studio and workshop. I didn't go out."
"Taeyang and I plan to have solo activities this summer. We have a tight schedule this year, the fans should be looking forward to it."
- G-Dragon
My desire to stand on stage is much larger now that I have refreshed my mind. With this in mind, I want us to have a long activity. 

HIGH CUT: "I see new tattoos on your knuckles. Did you get those done during your break?"
G-Dragon: "Not tattoos, yesterday while I was working on the album I decided to draw them. But if it is allowed I would have seriously tattooed them for real. I wanted to but everyone says I shouldn't, so yesterday I went to get them drawn and this is the final result."

I really like the last one and the double page too^^

Source: BBupdate
Tags: g-dragon, interview, magazine, photoshoot

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