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Queen Lee Hyori Takes On MBC For Misreporting

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MBC Everyone’s new show has come under fire for falsely reporting about the places Lee Hyori frequents. The network has promised that they will investigate the matter in order to find out what happened.

An insider from MBC Everyone told Star News on February 3rd that, “Before we created this program about the places that Lee Hyori frequents, we obtained consent from her staff. We changed up the story a little with her staff’s agreement.”

The insider continued, “We do not create programs that lack evidence. Lee Hyori did go into these stores, but we can see that she is uncomfortable with them being called stores that she frequents.”

“We will hold further inspections into this matter,” they said.

Unimpressed by MBC’s explanation, Lee Hyori left the following message on her Twitter: “Even if you report false information and deliver a fake interview to the public, it’ll probably get hushed up and go unnoticed. The opponent is huge and powerful.”

Wryly, she continued, “For those reporters who are trying to direct the story in a way to make it seem like this is all due to the rashness of a mere celebrity, your intentions are obvious~ Please go have brunch at the place I apparently frequent, and leave me a mention about whether it’s good or not.”

The controversy came about after Hyori vented her anger on Twitter earlier. The program in question is an upcoming program called ‘Daebak Code 777‘, and it contains a section that follows a celebrity for a day, reporting on where they like to frequent. MBC Everyone mentioned several stores and places that Hyori denied having any knowledge about, or only visited occasionally in the past.

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