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more blackface on South Korean television

Episode 138 of MBC's variety show, 세바퀴 (Sebakwi) (aka Quiz to Change the World) aired January 21st, 2012 and featured a very clearly racist performance.

Two guests come out at around 47:00 wearing blackface masks and proceed to make fools of themselves. It's difficult to tell their real identities but one of them wears a name tag that says "Mi Seu Ri."

The fellow celebrity guests happily participates in their act, laughing, clapping and cheering as the two go about their appalling act.

I can't understand Korean so I'm unsure of what prompted this gross show of racism. I do, however, know that it's completely uncalled for and inexusable in any context and it's shocking that these kind of things are allowed to keep being broadcasted, and on such popular channels nonetheless.

src: tudou(video) (article by Lasthenia)

this is my first post, I hope everything looks good :s

Tags: cultural insensitivity / racism, mbc
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