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Lee Hyori gets criticized over her "belly fat" + proceeds to address the haters

Sexy diva Lee Hyori and her belly fat has become a hot topic among netizens.

On February 26, screen captures from Lee Hyori’s appearance on the first episode of SBS’ "You & I" surfaced on online community board after the broadcast.

In the broadcast, Lee Hyori is seen dressed in a black-and-white patterned one-piece dress. Though the outfit was meant to display her sexy figure, viewers were drawn to the less-than-flattering display of her belly.

Netizens commented, "I guess even Lee Hyori is human", "I don’t really care about her back but I miss her pretty abs", "That kind of fold is natural on anyone" and "I am sure when she releases her new album she will be back with her perfect abs."


Lee Hyori responds to the "belly fat" issue

Sexy diva Lee Hyori shared her thoughts about the controversy over her belly.

The singer seemed unaffected by the issue and tweeted on February 27, "What’s so alarming about the fact that things begin to sag a bit as one ages? It seems many reporters were only focused on drawing criticism to my belly from yesterday’s episode of 'You & I'. I’m just a girl with the flu laughing while receiving an IV."

Netizens responded to the tweet, saying, "That’s the Hyori unnie we know!" "Of course! That’s a given" and "Hyori unnie, you’re so cool."

Earlier, screen captures from the first episode of SBS "You & I" surfaced online. Lee Hyori is seen wearing a black-and-white pattered dress which exposed her belly and back.

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