blue skies & cloudy days (strawberry_efeu) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
blue skies & cloudy days

2AM's Mini Album Showcase


The first 30 minutes is just teasers being replayed over and over again. Then they perform one of their new songs and then there is a talk portion. They sing some bits of their songs acapella when they're introducing the songs on the new album, around 1:10:00. At 1:15:00 they perform some of their older title songs. At 1:22:00 there is a subbed BTS/Making Of. At around 1:36:30 some English greetings (XD) At 1:39:00 they sing their title song. And that's the end! This was streamed yesterday/this morning live on Youtube. The songs and some of the prerecorded videos are subbed in English.
Tags: 2am, alex
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