9:25 pm - 03/14/2012

T-ara to become 7~9 members, including replacing members

Core Contents Media's CEO Kim Kwangsoo announced that there will be a big change coming in April. Revealed today, the current seven member group could become eight or nine. Whether it's an addition of members, or replacing members, is not yet decided.

The purpose isn't to remove or to add but to give the members who give effort and display their skills more opportunities through activities. This is intended to introduce the principle of a competition so the opportunities aren't given to the members who are prideful and lazy.

Kim Kwangoo commented, "I've had 30 years of experience and have done much with singers starting as rookies. After three years as activities as a singer, pride and laziness is effected. Stress becomes a bigger deal and it gets harder. You can't win the competition with this type of mindset. This is what has ruined a lot of singers. If there's no effort or there is no singing skills, the members will not be given parts (measures) to sing."

Kim Kwangsoo also that to take T-ara onto another level and in order to develop the group further, T-ara's music style and concepts will change, including the group members. More information will be released on April 7th.

Meanwhile, T-ara will create a fanclub and hold a concert in July.
Translated by: Nathaniel + maknaes. @ Diadem

Source: Nate and Tiara Diadem

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albeitalways 17th-Mar-2012 06:35 am (UTC)
lolwtf. i stopped caring about t-ara once they got into the whole retro shit w/ roly poly--i can't really stand that kind of concept, just not my thing but hey, turned out pretty good for them, they raked a shitton of awards after it--but i can't believe they have to put with this kind of shit from their dumbass ceo.

i always thought kks was a douchebag, ever since i learned he's the one who's been making the girls wear those lameass costumes for their bo peep bo promotions, heck even the knetizens complained how tacky it looked and it got media attention. plus when the jyj/hangeng lawsuit was making the height of its rounds among the media, i remembered this article that asked the opinions of other prominent names in the entertainment industry, kks was included, and he supported sme's stance and thought jyj/hangeng were being 'ungrateful'.

the thing that's really annoying me is not only the guy is an immature prick, he doesn't know what to do to get his shit done and can end up doing more damage. he doesn't realize that t-ara is basically ccm's only relevant cashcow for now. i know ccm also have a handful of other artists in their label, but you have to admit what they bring to the company isn't the same level as t-ara's. and it took t-ara about two years to get there. when they debuted they were basically part of the mid-tier girl groups (after school, secret, etc.) and it was just about last year when t-ara really upped their game (starting w/ the release of roly poly).

doing stupid shit like this, such as shuffling the members, might make more of a negative impact on t-ara's popularity overall. and if he pushes them too hard, contracts or no contracts, kks might be faced with a situation like the one dsp had last year w/ kara.

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