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Dal★Shabet to form project sub-unit: Orange Caramel ripoff

Dal★Shabet to form project sub-unit ‘Pink SUGAR!

Happy Face Entertainment has just revealed that they’ll be launching a special project sub-unit called ‘Pink SUGAR’.

The agency confirmed the news through Dal★Shabet’s official Daum fan-café, along with the news that Pink SUGAR will be composed of members Serri, Ah Young and Subin.

The concept will feature the three members in a ‘magical wonderland’ that is guaranteed to melt the hearts of all fans, regardless of gender. Expectations are quickly growing as their producer, E-Tribe, has written countless bubblegum-pop smash hits.

Their first digital single, ‘Fantastic Love’ will be a catchy dance track.

The sub-unit will reveal their teaser photos on April 5th through their official website, and will debut their single on April 7th.

source: fydalshabet, dalshabet's fancafe

my babbies r trendsetters!! im so excited!! qt groups > ur favs!
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