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B1A4 Mega Post!

“We’re young men now, not boys. But we’re still not complete men yet.” PART 1

They’re not just a fresh and cheerful idol group. They are B1A4 (Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, Baro, Gongchan), who are personally finding answers to what they have to do in the future and wonder what kind of image they can show to the public.

B1A4, who are promoting their new song, ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, are enthusiastic. They did not hesitate at all. As soon as the reporter asked a question, they said, “Could I speak first?”, and gave truthful answers.

Their recently released first full length album, ‘IGNITION’, is another product of B1A4 enthusiastically pushing ahead.

“Many people will probably think that our first full length album release was a bit quick for a rookie. Although our company thought that too, the members enthusiastically enforced that, ‘We really want to do this’. And by personally participating in the composing, lyric writing, and arranging as well.” (Jinyoung)

“Because of our fresh and cute image during our debut days, I think that many people already have a biased look about B1A4. And we receive misunderstandings about whether or not we’re a group that cares more about visuals rather than the music. So we wanted to show a new side to B1A4 and our own color through this album. And a matured side as well.” (Jinyoung)

B1A4 participated in the composing, lyric writing, and arranging for 8 out of the 11 songs on this official full-length album. The leader, Jinyoung, personally made and participated in the producing for their title song, ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, proving his amazing musical sense and potential talent as a singer-songwriter.

Just as much as the members’ participation level was high for ‘Ignition’, their contentment about it should be just that high. “It was an album that we suggested first because we wanted to do it and I think our passion for music was higher than it ever was. And that’s why the communication between our members worked out so well too. I think I liked it because it was different since we were able to show B1A4’s colors well.” (Jinyoung)

“I personally felt sad about one point. Along with having to much with the comeback time and other various reasons, we were only able to put in a solo song for Sandeul and I in this album. It would have been better if there was a solo song for each of the members so we could each show our own colors, but sadly, we were only able to show one.” (Baro)

“I don’t think it matters whose solo song gets released first. It’s just a difference in order. I think it was a good experience to be able to put our general dream into B1A4’s album and show it. Using this album as a stepping stone, I want to try out many things.” (CNU)

B1A4, who sang ‘OK’ and ‘Beautiful Target’ last year, were fresh. They worked shiny, fluorescent-toned clothes along with cute choreography. To this, words like ‘handsome boys’, ‘male gods’, ‘younger males’, naturally followed B1A4.

To this, Jinyoung said, “Truthfully, I’m quite sensitive about hearing ‘handsome boy’. Haha. But there were words like ‘macho’ and ‘beasts’ this time around. But there’s one thing I’m a bit sad about. We wanted to originally show you an image of the process of becoming young men from being boys, but they looked us as in too much of a manly way.” (Jinyoung)

During their comeback stage, B1A4 performed their title song and made a surprising revealing of another song, ‘This Time Is Over’. The feeling was different. Differing from songs released in the past, you could see the sides of B1A4, showing a serious and mature emotion.

Just like the fans’ reactions, the members, who stood on stage, had different feelings as well. Baro stated, “I personally thought that ‘This Time Is Over’ was more fitting for me. I was sad that I couldn’t show my favorite rap part because it was a short stage.” And Sandeul said, “I agreed with the lyrics and I think ‘This Time Is Over’ was a song where I expressed my thoughts a bit more easily.”

On the other hand, CNU said, “I think I liked expressing ‘Baby I’m Sorry’ more.” And Gongchan replied, “I had an experience where I had a one-sided love, but wasn’t able to do much for them. That’s why it was easier to understand.”

To the members’ tangled up replies, Jinyoung gave a leader-like comment and cleaned it up by saying, “Because each of our thoughts are different, I think that it’s obvious that we would have different songs that we feel more comfortable expressing. I think it’s meaningful that we tried out a new thing, rather than what it is that we liked or not.

B1A4 is receiving good reactions from not only Korean fans, but overseas fans as well. Although it’s definitely good news, the members say it’s a spot they worry about that constantly grows.

“We want to have good results in not only Korea, but overseas as well. If we want to do that, language is really important, but I’m worried about it because we’re still lacking a lot. And when I see other idol members fluently speaking another language, I feel really envious. And I also regret and think that, ‘Ah, I should have worked hard at it during the days when I went to school’. Although I may be lacking, I think I need to work hard enough so that there won’t be problems in communicating.” (CNU)

B1A4’s goal is clear. What they want to achieve this year and what kind of image they want to show the public. “Our goal this year is to get 1st place on a music broadcast and winning a Bonsang during end-of-the-year award ceremonies. We will work hard in order to make sure that we can receive it.” (Jinyoung)

“And another goal is to become a B1A4 that extends around the world. We want to become a group where not only Korean fans, but overseas fans and people related would see B1A4 and think of our own color. And I hope more people would listen to B1A4’s songs.” (Baro)

hyejin @ b1a4trans, tv daily

“Unstoppable five ‘Chatterbox men’ B1A4 “Completely absorbed in chatting until the break of dawn for 9 hours” PART 2

Group B1A4 (Jinyoung CNU Sandeul Baro Gongchan) are chatterboxes. Once a member opens his mouth, they talk back and forth for long periods of time.

However that doesn’t mean that they’re chaotically spouting out nonsense. Wherever B1A4 goes, they make the atmosphere a harmonious one and there’s a strange energy they create for those around them.

“We’re really talkative” B1A4 acknowledged. “All of the members talk a lot so there wasn’t a single moment when we felt bored while we were promoting”, they also brought up episodes.

“With the purpose of building up our teamwork, we have a time during which we share various talks every Saturday. One day, we talked about things regarding our team, our school days, happenings that occurred in our daily lives, these kind of talks came about naturally and we noticed that we went on until the break of dawn. We started at midnight but after looking at the time, it was 9 in the morning. We seriously talked for 9 hours without even noticing the time going by. Haha” (Jinyoung)

B1A4 always has a friendly atmosphere together. The members are always full of smiles as they share snacks and talks in the music broadcast waiting rooms. They revealed that they miss the members with individual schedules to attend to even more and feel a greater sense of their empty spots.

“I think Gongchan was the first to say something like that. After completing his individual schedule at the fashion show, as soon as he arrived he said ‘Hyung, I think we’re one’. For me as well, I recently appeared alone on a radio program and I felt the large burden of having to do everything myself and it was difficult” (Sandeul)

“That was also the case for me as well. While having individual schedules filming for the sitcom ‘I Need a Fairy’, I think more often about how ‘B1A4 is one’. Baro as well, after coming back from ‘God of Food Road’, he said he likes being together with the members” (CNU)

B1A4’s team name was made by the members themselves. ‘Be the one, All for one’ it has the meaning of the five of them becoming one in order to be the best. There is also another meaning. ‘One blood type B, four blood type A’, a very special and also a very unique one.

“It can come across to be difficult at first since there’s a combination of english and numbers but if you listen to the meaning I think everyone won’t be able to forget it and they’ll be able to remember it. When we were deciding our name in the beginning, there were other names that were possible candidates. We contemplated a lot since it’s a name our team would have to go by forever but I think we picked a name with charm so I was really glad” (Sandeul)

With the familiar combination of English letters and numbers that go in their team name, which is ‘B1’ ‘A4’, B1A4 also received a unique nickname of ‘paper-dols’. To this, Sandeul laughed loudly and said, “Although we predicted that we would get connected a lot to paper, I really didn’t know they would add on a title of ‘paper-dols’.”

‘Paper-dols’. It’s quite unexpected, but B1A4 specifically has many nicknames. Because they were created with 1 member with B-type blood and 4 members with A-type blood, they’re called ‘blood-dols’, ‘blood type’dols’, they’re called ‘manjjit-dols’ because it seems as if they are idols who ripped their way out of a comic. (T/N: Manhwa is comic and Jjitda is to rip), the nickname of ‘sprout-dols’, which they received because of the choreography they showed on ‘Quiz to Change the World’, and the nickname of ‘countryside-dols’ because all the members come from the countryside. They are all nicknames that came out from the fans’ brilliant ideas and clever thinking.

“Haha. There are quite a lot, aren’t there? What’s interesting is that all of our company family members are from the countryside excluding our CEO. It’s a makeup of a gathering of employees from every corner of the country” (Baro)

Among these, the members like the nickname ‘Sprout-dols’ the most. Baro mentioned “There was a time we showed off a dance we made during our trainee days on our appearance on ‘Quiz to Change the World”, he went on to explain the back-story of the creation of the name ‘Sprout dance’ saying that the choreography had the meaning of ‘raising rookie B1A4 like fresh sprouts’.

Jinyoung continued, “Right after Baro danced to it, on the real-time search engines the name ‘Sprout dance’ appeared right away and there was even a video of a flashmob from overseas. After that, there wasn’t a single time the ‘sprout dance’ wasn’t brought up during interviews as well. I thought to myself ‘Baro made a great achievement’” and said that he felt proud.

Meanwhile, B1A4 recently released their first full album since their debut ‘IGNITION’, and is currently promoting their title track ‘Baby I’m sorry’.

susan & hyejin @ b1a4trans, tv daily

B1A4 “April Fool’s Day Joke? Made an Initiation Ceremony for Sandeul Through a Hidden Camera Event of ‘Jinyoung Fainting’”

As April Fool’s Day on April 1st approached, B1A4 revealed an episode where they got tangled up in lies.

When asked about an ‘April Fool’s Day episode’, B1A4, who recently met up with a reporter in a music broadcast waiting room, confessed, “Rather than lying because it’s April Fool’s Day, we just normally enjoy hidden camera events.”

CNU talked about a past memory by saying, “When Sandeul was added to the team, we decided to have a hidden camera event as an initiation ceremony and Jinyoung continued to act sick.” Adding on, “We brought Sandeul, who arrived to Seoul from Busan, into the car and arrived at our dorms. But during the whole time, he (Jinyoung) acted like he was sick and as soon as we arrived to the dorms, he acted like he fainted and fell onto the floor to the point that there was a ‘bang’ sound.

Continuing on, “The people at our company all took part in planning it and even though our manager hyung was next to us, they were urging Sandeul, who came for the first time, to carry Jinyoung on his back. And even though we were screaming at him to ‘call an incubator’ instead of an ambulance, he didn’t notice.” They added, “Although we knew Jinyoung would be acting, we didn’t know he would be laying down like ‘大’, so we had a hard time holding back our laughter.”

Sandeul, who was completely attacked by the harsh initiation hidden camera ceremony, scratched his head and said, “During the situation where I was holding Jinyoung hyung on my back, they kept saying something next to me but I couldn’t pay attention. I think I was really shocked to see that Jinyoung, who was sick, had fainted.”

Meanwhile, B1A4 is actively promoting with their title song, “Baby I’m Sorry”, after revealing their 1st official full-length album, ‘IGNITION’.

hyejin @ b1a4trans, economy today
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