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DSP Boys Reveal Teaser For MBC Making The Star

News regarding DSP Media‘s new boy group has been circulating since last year, and it looks like these young men are finally gearing up for their official debut!

A viewer was able to capture a recent commercial that aired on MBC, featuring “DSP Boys“, the current stand-in name for the group, as the latest artists to be showcased on their show, ‘Making the Star‘. We get our first glimpse of the group’s seven members, who still remain elusive with cloth masks over their faces.

The episode is set to air on Tuesday, April 24th at 8:30PM.

DSP Media is known to as the agency behind KARA and Rainbow, also previously creating groups like SS501, Sechskies and Fin.K.L.

Rumors suggest that the members will include Hyeongkon, Jaehyung and Yunyoung, but DSP Media has yet to officially announce the individuals of this group. Are you excited to see what they have to offer?

Source: sunnyaddict1 and allkpop

Tags: debut, dsp entertainment

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