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Shinhwa Post~! :D

Shinhwa Perfects The Art of Body Spelling

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A comedic photo of the legendary idol group, Shinhwa, has been revealed through their twitter, @SHINHWACOMPANY. On March 31st, the Shinhwa Company twitter posted, "[Minwoo] We are Shinhwa!" and revealed a photo along with the text.

In the photo, all of the members of Shinhwa can be seen in odd, yet funny poses. Eric can be seen completely lying face down on the floor, while Junjin and Minwoo seemed to be frozen in the middle of a dance performance move. Even Shin Hyesung, who is holding his crutches due to his knee injury, joins the dance performance of Junjin and Minwoo, with one crutch and leg in the air.

Dongwan can be seen idly standing with back to the wall on the front-right, and Andy seems to be in the far back of the photo with Hyesung's crutch blocking his face from view.

Netizens commented, "There seems to be one member who missed the gag," "Hyesung, who has unstable leg, is funny," and "Dongwang and Andy are sitting back?"

What do you think of their comedic group photo?

According to Tumblr, Shinhwa was spelling "신화" (Hangul for their name) with their bodies. These dorks.

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Shinhwa To Release The Return "Thanks Edition"

Group Shinhwa 10th album 'THE RETURN' Special Edition, will have another Special Edition "Thank You Edition".

Pre-order for the "Thank You Edition'' will start on April 2. 30,000 copies of the "Thank You Edition" will be release, the album will have a new logo and a 70 pages photobook.

The decision of the release of this "Thank You Edition" was made after endless inquiries and requests received from fans, who were not able to ge Shinwha's 10th album 'The Return" Special Edition.

Music distributor in charge of CJ E & M and album producer Shinhwa Company, "Thank you to all the fans who give 'Shinhwa Love''. In return we will offer good songs and performances from Shinhwa".

In addition, Shinhwa had a very successfull first comeback stage on Mnet Countdown. Also, Shinhwa will embark their Asia Tour on April 30, starting in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Japan, Beijing, Singapore.

Shinhwa Amazed While In The Waiting Room (Or Only Minwoo Knows How To Network)

I recently met with Shinhwa members while waiting in their waiting room. Shinhwa just celebrated their 14th Anniversary this year, and came together for the first time after 4 years to release their 10th album and promote the titlte track "Venus'.

The group youngest member Andy already passed the age of 30 a few years ago, but the members seem to have as much energized as they did when they debuted with 'Resolver' back in 1998. Above all, they also have something other don't, the close ties from their 14 years of friendship.

On March 30th in the waiting room of KBS2 "Music Bank' , Shinhwa Shin Hye Sung said, "I can't believe that the six of us will be on stage again. It's amazing".

Shin Hye Sung could not conceal his thoughts on having to go on stage on crutches due to his current knee injury, "I prepared very hard with the members but I can not perform on stage with them".

However, the members, seemed to know what was going through his mind, and tried to take care of him. Eric would fix Shin Hye Sung crutches so that he would be more comfortable, and said, "I have been on crutches before too so everybody took turns on the crutches so that they were fine", as always their friendship and care stands out.

In another corner, Andy and Jun Jin spent their time playing games together.

Shin Hye Sung, added, "It's really amazing that we are promoting with idol singers who were born in the 90's. I never thought this could happen. It is really amazing".

Member Lee Min Woo on the other hand didn't seem too awkward in comparison with the rest of the members, as he was seen talking to 2AM member Chang Min outside the waiting room, showing that the members were enjoying themselves in their set promotions in four years.

Pose: Koreaboo, Sports Chosun, Shinhwa Company, and Tumblr
10th Album: Osen + Shinhwa Nation
Waiting Room: Shinhwa Nation

Mods I can't seem to find the ENews article on the waiting room on their website, so I linked Shinhwa Nation as the source.
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