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Big Bang Daesung’s sister was a source of great strength during his hiatus

On the upcoming episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, Big Bang‘s Daesung revealed that his sister had been a tremendous help when he was going through difficult times last year.

He started his story by saying, “There is this woman who I am very awkward around. That person is none other than my nuna.”

My noona and mom directly show their affections for me, but I feel so awkward displaying my emotions and rarely show them. There are a lot of times when I don’t read my nuna’s text messages because I get shy seeing myself read them.”

He continued, “Last year, when I was having a difficult time, my sister, who is a soldier, even took a break from the military to come comfort me.

At the end of his story, although Daesung was extremely shy, he left a heart-warming video message to his beloved sister.

Stay tuned for the upcoming episode airing later!

Source : Allkpop
News En via Nate
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