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The Broadcasting Networks Are Acting Like Children Throwing Tantrums ... Again

The oldest idol group, Shinhwa, made their bumpy comebacks on the music programs this week.

Shinhwa’s first appearance was on the 29th at Mnet’s M-Countdown. They sang two songs, including the title track, Venus. Despite this appearance being their first, Shin Hye Sung was not able to join the rest of the group in their choreography due to his injury in the concert and one of the dancers filled his place instead. On the 30th, Shin HyeSung had to sit on a chair in KBS’s “Music Bank”. It was a regretful stage since it was their first performance on the local channels. Still, it was not a bad comeback stage considering the injury of a team member.

However, Shinhwa’s comeback stages of the music programs started to suffer on MBC’s “Music Core” on the 31st. Shinhwa’s stage was shortened even though they are the longest lasting and highest ranking seniors in the music industry, and the ending stage was given to SHINee and CNBlue, their juniors. Furthermore, Shinhwa wasn’t even featured in SBS’s “Inkigayo” that aired on the 1st.

These difficulties were due to the complex internal issues and political relations with the broadcasting companies. Originally, Shinhwa’s first comeback stage was planned to be on “Music Bank”. Shinhwa’s stage time on M-Countdown wasn’t solidified until the night before due to bad relationship between Mnet and JunJin’s management company, Open World Entertainment. Last minute truce allowed them to have their first performance on M-countdown.

There are rumors that MBC shortened their air time and gave away the ending stage due to the fact that Shinhwa chose their first comeback stage on KBS’s Music Bank instead. Shinhwa’s absence on SBS’s “Inkigayo” is rumored to be related to the tension between music department and the entertainment department due to Shinhwa’s appearance on gameshows. It is also rumored that this situation may change after Shinhwa’s scheduled appearance on SBS’s “You&I”.

There are also other theories that attribute Shinhwa’s difficulty with the local channels because they chose to air “Shinhwa Broadcast” on JTBC, a newly established cable channel, as their first official activity. Producers of the local channels are unhappy with the new cable channels that air variety of shows instead of a special genre as cable channels have traditionally done, and are unhappy with Shinhwa’s choice to feature themselves on JTBC.

Ultimately, the complex situations and political implications of the different channels have stumbled the long-awaited comeback of the oldest and longest-lasting idol group, Shinhwa.

Source: Kukinews (via Nate)
Translation: 10confessions @ tumblr

WTF is this nonsense? I'm forever amazed at the immaturity and arrogance displayed by these networks. It actually makes me glad Shinhwa chose a smaller cable network for their variety show than any of these idiots. They're probably seething in jealousy now that "Shinhwa Broadcast" is pulling in great ratings.
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