lil (tofucakes) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Sweaty Jo Kwon and Wooyoung on the floor

2:48 AM - 3 Apr 12

KWON: Working hard!

3:20 AM - 3 Apr 12

WOO @ KWON: Let's cheer on tomorrow too, Kwon ah!!! ^^

It was uploaded around midnight at April 3th via Jo Kwon's very own twitter alongside a short line saying "We practiced hard!"
Within the picture, we could really see their sweating figures staring straight at the camera. It really gained hot attention from the fans, especially because these two stars were just lying down on the practice room hard floor plastering fun expressions on their faces.
Wooyoung who saw the picture at Jo Kwon's twitter on the same day then replied with "Let's work even harder in the future too, Kwon-ah!" to show their close same-age friendship.

Meanwhile, the netizens that saw the picture came off with reactions such as "I like seeing how they practice so hard", "Aww that mischievous expression","Jo Kwon oppa Wooyoung oppa, I'll always support you guys!"

nate via velvetminuette@only-woo, @2amkwon, @0430yes, @w2dtranslations 1 2

water they practicing for!!
Tags: bromance / lady love, jo kwon, social media/youtube, wooyoung

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