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Miss A’s Suzy says, “I requested the phone number of a male idol — first”

On the latest recording of SBS‘s ‘Come to Play‘, Miss A‘s Suzy revealed a shocking story of a time when she requested the phone number of a particular male idol — first!

On the next episode of ‘Come to Play’, the show will be featuring a special, ‘Suzy vs Suzy’ which will be showcasing a female diva from the 90s and Suzy who seems to have become a diva herself starting in 2010.

During the recording, Suzy was asked questions involving the dating atmosphere between idols; a very mysterious subject to many. Suzy surprised netizens with her daring answer when she revealed that she took the lead and went up to a specific male idol, asking for his phone number. Of course, the hosts asked who that male idol was, but you’ll have to find the answer when the episode broadcasts.

It has also been reported that Suzy showed tears during the recording when her seniors gave a heart-warming advice about her insanely, busy schedule. (other than her 'normal' busy idol shedule, filming and etc, she's going to 5 to 7 movie theaters per day to promote her movie)

Aside from Suzy, other guests will be present including 4minute‘s maknae, Sohyun, Sistar‘s Hyorin, and 1990′s diva singer, Jo Gab Kyung.

So who could this male idol be? He must be something if he made Suzy make the first move!

OP is pressed over hate that suzy is getting from the international fandom because of this, people are calling her a bitch, conceited, show off, arrogant, cheap, untalented, slut, saying she doesn't care about her unnies and etc, it's not her fault that people can't handle an honest, straightforward and flaw free person who simply can’t be tamed.
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