Forever-Late Girl (dori_liv) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Forever-Late Girl

Butterflies up on iTunes

Oneway's subunit D2O (Detour) officially released there new single 'Butterflies' on iTunes yesterday. The single includes two songs, 'Butterflies' and 'Secret - Can't Stop part 2' as well as instrumentals of both songs and an English version of 'Butterflies'. The tracks are very different in style to their previous releases 'Amanda' and 'Woo woo woo', with a smoother R&B feel.

Since last night, it's steadily becoming available around the world. Oneway's Peter is currently shouting out all the places it's available. Sounds like it's up pretty much everywhere now. Just search for D2O.

Source: @onewaypeter 


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