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B.A.P announces release of first photobook + some pretty pictures


B.A.P’s 1st photo-book reveals the full story of pre/post debut for last 6 months

Meet 6 warriors from B.A.P’s 1st photo-book which covers the pre/post debut process for last 6 months. It covers the entire history from B,A,P’s birth including the debut showcase at Jangchung gymnasium, behind-scenes at music video shooting site and album jacket shooting site, 1st fan-signing event, and many more. We wish your kind interest and support on B.A.P’s 1st photo-book!

Specifications: B4 size / 80 pages 
(Each full page is able to be separate so that you can post it on the wall!)

Synnara :

Also, new unreleased photos of B.A.P members were posted at their official Facebook Page:

Very special gifts for BABYz!
Here are the undisclosed pictures from B.A.P including their self-camera pictures:

Bang Yong Guk’s self-camera at album-jacket shooting site.

Jong Up’s picture taken by Zelo, the youngest of B.A.P

Him Chan, who always leads the happy mood, at the MV filming site

Zelo’s picture at the photo shooting site.

Young Jae and Dae Hyun at the waiting room for [Secret Love]

Dae Hyun’s self camera at the music video filming site of [WARRIOR]

A picture of Bang Yong Guk with his birthday cake was also posted to B.A.P's fb earlier this week:

March 31st was the birthday of B.A.P’s leader, Bang Yong Guk. Thank you very much for your kind support, BABYz!

B.A.P's fb & direct links to individual pictures: 

moustache-Bang Yong Guk ftw
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