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Lady Gaga Responds to South Korea Show Ban

When Lady Gaga comes roaring into South Korea for the first date of her Born This Way Ball world tour on April 27, she will not be connecting with any little monsters under the age of 18, at least while on stage. That age group has been banned from attending by higher authorities. The Mother Monster, of course, took to Twitter to comment about the age restriction on her show, since the social networking site is her preferred mode of communiqué with little monsters of all ages, shapes, sizes and nationalities. Rather than lash out, Gaga was classy in her address of the situation.

Mother Monster sent a message of appreciation to those adults who are being the voice of the voiceless in this matter and acknowledged that parents of lil’ monsters under 18 should be able to exercise their right and their discretion about who or what their children do for entertainment.

Gaga isn’t getting all fire and brimstone or fighting fire with fire. We predict that she’ll certainly mention the ban on the 18-and-under set attending, a move which was enacted by a government enacted media watchdog group, while on stage. We’re sure she’ll be met with a chorus of cheers from South Korean monsters at that time, too. There’s no way she can ignore it!

Source: @ladygaga & popcrush
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