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Se7en thanks his fans and shows off ‘Strong Heart’ trophy

Se7en uploaded a shot of his ’Strong Heart‘ trophy, along with a thank you message to his fans.

Early in the morning on April 4th, Se7en thanked his fans, tweeting, “Despite the hard times in the past, because of the LUCKY SE7ENs who cheered me on just for being me I am happy today, ^^“, referencing the lyrics in his song “When I Can’t Sing.” He continued, “Now I’m a completely honest Se7en!! I’ll come back with a more confident and cool image!!! Love yall~.”

The tweet, which he posted online after the broadcast of SBS’ ‘Strong Heart,’ was accompanied by a photo of a proud-looking Se7en with his ‘Strong Heart’ trophy. He captured everyone’s attention by revealing the story of how he and Park Han Byul almost broke up, but had their relationship saved by a hacker who publicized his pictures with Park Han Byul, thereby revealing their secret relationship.

Fans who visited Se7en’s Twitter returned his sentiments, leaving comments such as, “I am so happy because you are Se7en, the singer that I love,” and “Even if you say you can’t sing, I will cheer you on as a fan.

Source: Allkpop
Se7en’s Twitter
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