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Lee Hyori would like to see a Fin.K.L reunion in the near future

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Pop icon Lee Hyori recently stated that she hopes to see the name of Fin.K.L in the spotlight as a group once more.

The singer who is currently an MC for SBS program ‘You & I‘ welcomed guests Shinhwa on the most recent recording. “I’m envious, seeing Shinhwa come back like this,” she said, “I would like to see Fin.K.L. comeback as a team too.”

On the show, Hyori was reunited with Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan whom she attended high school with. Reminiscing of the past, Dongwan remarked, “During high school, Hyori was well known for her beauty. Even the male students from the other schools carried pictures of her around.”

Legendary group Shinhwa who made their return to the music scene after a long 4 year hiatus performed their past hits “Eusha Eusha” and “T.O.P” on the show, while also introducing their new song “Venus” to the audience.

The ‘Shinhwa’ episode of ‘You & I’ is scheduled to air on April 15th at 12:00AM.

Sources & Image: OSEN News and allkpop
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