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IS Entermedia continues to toy with Dalmates, while dropping SG Wannabe & MayBee

It is being reported that singer Maybee‘s contract with music label, IS Entertainment, has expired.

On April 4th, a representative of the singer revealed, “MayBee’s exclusive contract with IS Entertainment has ended. MayBee has decided to continue her activities without an agency for the moment. If she gets an offer from a good label, she will consider establishing a new contract to sign.”

IS Entertainment who has ended contracts with MayBee and SG Wannabe is planning to stick with their existing artists and give them full support, rather than scouting new artists under their label.

MayBee, who debuted as a signer back in 2006, also started her acting career by appearing in the drama, ‘Pink Lipstick‘ back in 2010. She also starred in ‘Noriko Goes to Seoul‘ and will be appearing in a new movie called, ‘Statute of Limitations‘ in April.

Meanwhile, IS Entertainment is preparing for Dalmatian‘s comeback which will be held in May. Actress Seo Hye Rim, who is also under IS Entertainment, is currently starring as Song Eun Joo in KBS’s ‘Bok-hee‘.

Source: AKP & TV Report

ISE has lied about a Dalmatian comeback so many times now...
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