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M!Countdown To Be A Mini Shinhwa Special

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Shinhwa‘s Minwoo and Jun Jin will be MCs for a day on the upcoming broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘.

The two will be emceeing alongside fellow original idol group member, H.O.T‘s Tony An, for the April 5th broadcast of ‘M! Countdown’. In addition to this week’s usual performances, Tony An’s group, SMASH, will be performing their rendition of Shinhwa’s “Wild Eyes“, and girl group SPICA will also be holding a special stage performance of Shinhwa’s “TOP“.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa will be releasing a ‘Thanks Edition‘ of their 10th full-length album due to the demand for the reprint of their special edition, which has sold out. The legendary idol group has been receiving much popularity and even topped the album pre-order sales chart.

Don’t miss today’s Mnet ‘M! Countdown’!

Sources: Osen via Nate and allkpop
Tags: keembo/spica, mnet countdown, nugu, shinhwa, tony an

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