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Following the news that Core Contents Media would be announcing T-ara‘s new changes on April 6th, more details have surfaced from sources within the agency.

According to Review Star, a representative of Core Contents Media told them over the phone, “It’s true that T-ara will become a nine member group. Two members will be added, and we will reveal the details on April 6th.

With the addition of two members, the current seven member group will become a nine member group. The only other nine member girl group at the moment is Girls’ Generation, and thus has caused many questions to surface about whether this change is to further compete against Girls’ Generation.

There is also speculation that the two member addition was decided on after seeing the group’s potential in the Japanese market, and in hopes to further increase their reputation.

Earlier on March 14th, CEO Kim Kwang Soo had stated, “In April, there are big potential member changes for T-ara.” Having talked about taking out members within the group, many had wondered just what kind of change would be taking place. With his elaboration on the issue of removing members, fans and industry officials were surprised to hear that the member changes would not consist of swapping out original members, but instead adding new members.

The source within the agency also revealed, “The new member(s) that will be added are trainees within the agency. There was a previous speculation that they would join Co-Ed, but that’s not true.

source: akp

their ceo is a douchebag, what is he trying to achieve ?
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