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HyunA couples up with Yoo Ah In for ‘High Cut’ - OP cries into her cornflakes

4minute’s HyunA and ‘Fashion King‘ star Yoo Ah In have coupled up for a pictorial that could only be imagined in fantasies for ‘High Cut‘ magazine!

Yoo Ah In put his experience as a model to use and combined his efforts with HyunA’s natural ease when it comes to style and mood. Photographer Kim Young Jun praised, “Yoo Ah In and HyunA were able to come up with great poses together. I’m highly satisfied with the end result of the pictorial.”

The couple posed for the 10th anniversary line of the clothing brand ‘10+ Jack&Jill‘. Yoo Ah In is actually HyunA’s college senior by one year, as they both attend Konkuk University as Liberal Arts majors.

On HyunA, Yoo Ah In stated, “It’s my first time meeting her today but I’ve actually listened to a lot of 4minute’s songs. I think I listen to them more than other girl groups. Whenever I go to Thailand, I always hear 4minute’s songs.”

HyunA also commented, “I was really shy meeting him for the first time. Because it was a couple photoshoot, I had to greet and converse with him, but we didn’t even have the chance to [talk] before we went in to shoot. He said, ‘Let’s go in’, and my face got all red. He has an aura about him that makes him seem as if he would look amazing even when taking random pictures in the streets. There’s a positive energy to him.”

Further cuts can be seen in the 74th edition of ‘High Cut’.

Source + photos : akp; Sports Chosun via Nate

shipping tbh
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