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Nine Muses celebrate Hyemi's birthday!

Nine Muses celebrated their member Hyemi‘s 21st birthday.

On April 3rd, Sera tweeted, “Happy happy birthday to Nine Muses’ ‘sweetie’, Hyemi. Cake before recording MBC‘s music ‘Show Champion‘. While loving each other in the future, let’s enjoy doing music“, along with photos of their celebration.

The main character of the party, Hyemi, is seen holding the cake while the other members posed happily behind her. Wearing their costumes for their upcoming performances, the group once again showed off their perfect body figures.

Netizens replied with, “Happy Birthday, Hyemi!“, “I’m envious of Hyemi who’s with her loving members“, and “All of the Nine Muses members are beautiful.”

Happy Birthday Hyemi!



happy birthday noonir! <3 ;_;

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