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‘Infinity Challenge’ to broadcast a 15 minute ‘special strike episode’

‘Infinity Challenge‘ has revealed that they will broadcasting a ‘special strike episode’ on April 5th to make up for the string of cancelled broadcasts these past three months.

It has been revealed that the entire cast members have given up their pay to participate in the episode, which will focus on updating viewers on their whereabouts as well as Jung Jun Ha’s wedding news.

PD Kim Tae Ho stated, “It’s about a 15-minute broadcast complete with captions. It’ll be out by April 5th. The footage is from when the members got together for Jung Jun Ha’s wedding announcement*. Everyone was visibly excited since it was their first meeting in quite a while.”
 [*edited AKP's inaccurate translation]

He continued, “The episode was also created as a way of telling our viewers that we have not forgotten about them, so to please not to forget about us as well. We’ll return to our viewers soon with plenty of laughs we have been preparing.”

In related news, the show is almost on its 11th week of re-runs due to the ongoing strike in MBC.

AKP | Nate | mbcunion2012@yt
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