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JYJ to hold a large-scale fan fair!

JYJ will be holding their first ever large-scale international fan fair!

The group’s management agency, C-JeS Entertainment, released the following statement on April 5th: “JYJ will be holding their 2012 Membership Week for 4 days starting on June 28th in SETEC at Hak Yeo Ul station.”

This international fan fair is something put together specifically for the fans, and will take place after JYJ concludes their World Tour.

The representative went on, “This large-scale fan meeting has been specially created for members who will have an opportunity to see, hear, and experience everything related to JYJ through various events. This will be the first time a fan exhibition of this size will be attempted in Korea.”

The format for the fan fair is described as diverse. Not only will JYJ’s promotions and activities be explained in detail, JYJ’s photo books will be on display, and there will be a corner for JYJ’s preferred foods, as well as rides and other fun things to help fans create special memories with their favorite K-Pop group.

A multimedia display of encouraging messages from fans overseas will also be in place, as well as a Fan Art competition, a design contest corner, a display of gifts given to JYJ by fans, JYJ’s ‘trick art’, as well as sticker picture machines.

C-JeS Entertainment continued, “We also plan on holding a dance cover festival with teams competing from different continents. C-JeS Entertainment plans to invite the top dance teams from each country after a pre-screening process. All expenses will be paid by C-JeS Entertainment.

C-JeS Entertainment representative Baek Chang Joo remarked, “JYJ fans aren’t limited to Korea or Asia. Because they have an extremely broad fan base, the desires of the fans are also very different. This fan exhibition will be diverse enough to fulfill all the requests by all their fans, all at once.”

Because this fan fair will not be for profit, we will not be sell MD goods and the fan meeting will also be free of charge,” he continued. ”We are holding the festival as our way of giving back to the fans who’ve cheered on JYJ until now, and it’ll be an event where everyone will be able to clearly see JYJ’s global popularity and fan power.”

The JYJ members commented, “We’re so happy and excited that we’ll be spending 4 days with our fans at this festival. We’ll be sending our ideas for the fan fair whenever we have time, and be actively participating in the planning process in hopes of making our fans that much happier. We hope that through this event, we will be able to return all the support and love our fans have always given us.”

Source : Allkpop
TV Daily via Nate
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