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Phantom releases “ICE” for Kim Yuna’s ‘Hite’ CF

Rookie group Phantom is receiving an explosive amount of interest from the public.

In the past, Phantom has drawn attention for their “19 Song (Love Songs That Teens Cannot Listen To)”, a track that was rapped in Korean, Japanese, and English and took a jab at the MOGEF, as well as the “Tripartite Conference“. Phantom member Sanchez also superbly emulated the mannerisms of Queen‘s Freddie Mercury when they covered Girls’ Generation‘s “The Boys“.

Ahead of their official debut, the 3-member multi-hybrid hip hop group gifted their fans with their single, “Hole In Your Face” and was awarded the ‘Rookie of the Month‘ award by Cyworld in December of 2011. They are once again becoming a hot topic of interest as it’s been revealed that Phantom has released the track, “ICE“, the song that was played in Kim Yuna‘s Hite CF.

The three members are all multi-talented, as they write, compose, and produce their own music in addition to singing and dancing. Furthermore, they are fluent in English, Japanese, and more, and are being coined as the #1 rookie to look forward to in 2012. Director Cha Eun Tek and composer Park Geun Tae who created Kim Yuna’s CF heard Phantom’s demo track and remarked, “Their music is trendy and fresh, which is perfect for this CF.”

Their agency’s producer remarked, “Phantom was carefully planned and trained by the label. In 2012, they will be proving what true artists are all about.”

Check out their song “Ice” for Kim Yuna’s ‘Hite’ CF below!


Source: allkpop
Tags: music, nugu

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