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CNBLUE to release a limited edition of their mini album ‘EAR FUN’

Rock band CNBLUE will be releasing a special limited edition of their 3rd mini album ‘EAR FUN‘.

According to FNC Music, the limited edition version will include the same tracks on the mini album but will also include pictorial shots that were taken in the U.S., as well as the members’ individual photos.

There will be 140 pages of pictorial photos and a DVD containing a 20-minute clip of the members shooting in the U.S. In addition, the special limited edition will also include four supplemental sections for each of the members. The limited edition of the mini album will be sold starting on April 6th.

CNBLUE is currently actively promoting “Hey You” from their 3rd mini album ‘EAR FUN’, and other tracks on the album are also receiving positive response from the public.

Source : allkpop
Sports Seoul via Nate

Thanks to cnbjonghyun for the photo!
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