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Uee Continues To Show Pledis Family Love

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After School‘s UEE has once again shown her support to rookie group, NU’EST, as their senior and labelmate.

NU’EST’s Baekho recently wrote on his Me2day, “This is the white tiger jacket UEE noona picked out for me! She says it was made by designer Park Yoon Soo~! UEE nuna even personally picks out our outfits for us! I really like the jacket. I think white tigers are pretty awesome!” and attached a photo of himself wearing the jacket.

Their agency stated, “UEE gave Baekho the jacket, which she received as a present, saying that it matches his name and his visuals, in addition to saying that it would look good on him during the performance.”

Back in February, it was also revealed that UEE gave Baekho his stage name which became a hot topic amongst fans.

Baekho's Me2Day

I smell a baekho, ren & uee threesome, imo!
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